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5 Places to Enjoy the Best Night Life in Philadelphia

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by Robin Goode Aug 30, 2016

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1. The Trocadero Theatre

Sure, the Trocadero is a historic theater that has seen musical performances since 1870, but the best night at “The Troc” is Skeletor’s Karaoke Gong Show. It is exactly what it sounds like: you sing karaoke and Skeletor rates your performance, hitting a gong if he thinks you sing “like a fool.”

2. Escape The 1980s — Escape Room Game

I’ve never had so much fun being locked in a room with my friends. An interactive 80’s themed trivia puzzle.

3. Howl at the Moon

Go out. Drink up. Bro down. Howl at the Moon is a dueling piano bar that has live music every night.

4. R2L Restaurant

Get swanky with your crazy friends! The entrance is a bit obscure, but it’s directly across the street from Steve’s Prince of Steaks. Once you’re in, take the elevator to the 37th floor. Don’t get intimidated by R2L’s art deco design and dim, ambient lighting. It looks upscale and classy, but sit at the lounge or the bar for a while and you’ll catch the silly, fun vibes.

Tip: I wouldn’t do dinner here. This place is best for sharing fancy cocktails with friends or a date you’re trying to impress. The Manhattan and Old Fashioneds are their signatures.

5. Ashton Cigar Bar

Ashton cigar bar

Photo by : AJ Kenney via travelstoke.

Awesome cigar bar with a massive walk in humidor and great whiskey selection. Try the crafted cocktails or a simple old fashioned.

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