These Are the 7 Most Epic Adventure-Vehicles to Take You Off-Grid and on the Road

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by The Plaid Zebra Nov 20, 2015

The pull to detach from the grid and move into a remote eco-cabin somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness is strong—but then again, so is the impulse of outfitting a vehicle to take your life on the road and into the heart of North America’s sprawling national parks. With the rise of off-grid and nomadic counter-culture comes the decision between mobility and comfortable functionality—but why chose? Having your cake and eating it too may be expensive, but then again, so is a mortgage.

These are the 7 greatest expedition vehicles to take your life off-grid and on the road for good:

1. Sleek, functional—but somehow you already know the only way you’ll be able to afford this is if you steal the keys from Donald Trump’s dead corpse in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.




2. Apparently, the inventor of the KiraVan designed the vehicle for his daughter, catering to the safety and functional needs of a child—like guiding a 51,000 pound war-machine through the arctic tundra while watching Gangs of New York on a solar-powered flat screen.



3. The EarthRoamer is entirely self sufficient, so if you’re stupidly rich but too stupid to just buy land, you can live off-grid in the outskirts of America’s national parks.


4. Do you dream of one day leaving it all behind? Packing your bags, and just starting fresh? With the Unicat, you can fulfill your dream of being America’s most powerful gypsy oil baron and pawn illegal gasoline from the 300-gallon fuel tank of this rolling brick shit-house.


5. Ever wanted to be a garbage-truck driver? Have $150,000 that you’re just itching to spend on driving a modified garbage-truck vehicle? Then holy shit have I got something to show you.



6. Just in case you want to drive a giant sundial on wheels that costs 3 million fucking dollars.



7. This is some serious two roads diverged in a yellow wood shit. Unfortunately, this $175,000 road requires you take out a mortgage on it. Luckily it allows you to go off-grid for months at a time—and the bank can’t reclaim what it can’t find.



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This article originally appeared on The Plaid Zebra and is republished here with permission.

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