8 of the Best Camping Spots and Hiking Trails in California

California Hiking
by Matador Creators Sep 12, 2016

IS THERE ANY BETTER PLACE ON EARTH for hiking than California? We dug into our new travelstoke app for some of the best hiking spots in the state.

1. Pyramid Creek

Pyramid Creek Parking Lot

Twin Bridges, United States

Pyramid creek leads up to a number of beautiful waterfalls, the most spectacular being Horsetail Falls. 5 minutes up the trail though is a beautiful series of pools and small waterfalls that are a great spot to spend the afternoon and wash off the campfire smoke from the night before. #hiking #swimming

2. Lover’s Leap Campground

Lovers Leap Campground

Twin Bridges, United States

Lovers Leap is the premier climbing spot in Tahoe, routes here go for 3-4 pitches and the hike in is minimal. A really great 5.10b route is Surrealistic Pillar, and if that’s a bit over your head you can do the 5.7 next to it that shares anchors and top rope it. That is, only if people aren’t lining up to lead it.

3. Meeks Bay Campground

Meeks Bay Campground

Tahoma, United States

Meeks bay has some of the friendliest access to the clear blue water around Tahoe. When other spots are crowded, it’s still possible to find a spot to yourself here. I recommend peddling north across the bay, to a long empty coastline where you can find some solitude.

4. Fortytwo Mile Campground

Fortytwo Mile Campground

Twin Bridges, United States

Twin Bridges is my favorite area in the Tahoe region. It’s got a small town vibe, and is short on amenities, but if you’re looking for a place to get away from the resort mentality of the nearby towns and get into the woods this is the place to go.

#hiking #camping

5. Ewoldsen Trail

Ewoldsen Trail

Big Sur, United States

An incredible moderate hike is the Ewoldsen Trail, it starts in Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park and climbs 1520 feet up out of the redwoods and onto an elevated ridge line where you can take in views of a long section of the coastline. It’s a 5.3 mile round trip hike, and has some fairly steep climbing along the way. If you’re there to see one of Big Sur’s iconic sunsets, don’t forget to bring a headlamp for the hike out. #hiking #bigsur #views #viewpoint #accessbigsur

6. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Big Sur, United States

If you’re looking for easy access to beautiful redwood forests, Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park is my go to spot. Within moments you’ll be in the midst of a huge grove of redwoods. I recommend using your time here to wander rather than to hike. Logs criss-cross the creek and lead to spots off the beaten path. For me, this area is about taking it all in and having a moment in these ancient trees. There are other spots to go if your goal is to go far. Bring a picnic basket and relax here for a while. #hiking #accessbigsur #redwoods #wandering

7. Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Riverside County, United States

One of the best rock climbing areas, and one of the more novel National Parks. Joshua tree is 2 hours from Los Angles and is a great way to see the landscape as it was before the urban sprawl.

#hiking #extreme #camping #rockclimbing #photography #adventure

8. Flagpole Peak

Flagpole Peak

Echo Lake, United States

An Echo classic hike with an amazing view of Tahoe off the back. #hiking

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