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8 Foods and Drinks That Michigan Locals Love

Michigan Food + Drink
by Nicole Wildman Jan 11, 2017

1. Coney Dogs

A true Michigander can distinguish a Coney dog from a chili dog and knows that they should be eaten with your hands, not with a knife and fork. Coney dogs are a staple at Michigan Coney Islands’ which can be found in every town. We support the 24-hour Greek-based diners that generally serve breakfast food, Coney dogs, burgers, and Greek food like gyros and saganaki.
Detroiters are well acquainted with the rivalry between Lafayette and American Coney Island.

2. Frankenmuth Chicken

Michigan has a lot of touristy towns, especially along its many miles of coastline. Frankenmuth is one of our landlocked tourist towns where visitors can try the chicken, shop at Bronners for Christmas stuff all year, and where the locals can just go and stock up on chicken seasoning.

3. Superman Ice Cream

Superman ice cream is every child’s favorite in Michigan, and we’re shocked to find out that it doesn’t exist in other places. The yellow, red, and blue-colored blend not only looks pretty, but the original flavors taste like lemon, blue moon, and red pop.

4. Vernors

Michiganders know that Vernors is the only kind of ginger ale worth drinking. When you have an upset stomach as a child, a Michigan mom will give you Vernors. We don’t even call it ginger ale, it’s just Vernors.

5. Pasties

Michigan’s upper peninsula is known for serving pasties, which are pastries filled with meat. Usually, they contain beef, onion, potato, rutabaga, and seasonings, and if you’re not accustomed to the taste, it may not be enjoyable.

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6. Square Pizza

Many major cities have their own pizza, but in Michigan, we have our own deep dish square pizza. We’re all about plenty of crust, thick soft bread, and a side of cheese bread.

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7. Paczkis

Paczkis are traditionally eaten on Fat Tuesday in Michigan as part of our Polish heritage. Michiganders know to get several and bring enough to share, because who doesn’t love a traditional take on jelly doughnuts?

8. Bettermade Potato Chips

In Michigan, we like our locally-made products, including Bettermade Potato Chips. They’re more popular here than any other brand.

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