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8 Places in and Around Boston Where You Can Be Alone

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Sep 29, 2016

1. Halibut Point State Park

Halibut point state park

Rockport, United States

Awesome weekend escape from the city. Just about an hour (a bit less, depending where you live) from Boston, Halibut Point state park is serene, surrounded by trees, rocks to climb and hop over and gorgeous views. There’s a restroom and you can bring a pet. #hiking #outdoors

2. Castle Island

Castle Island

Boston, United States

Nice area on the periphery of downtown in Boston’s industrial section, with a playground, benches, water and lots of space for jogging. #outdoor

3. Brookline Reservoir Park

Brookline Reservoir Park

Brookline, United States

Chestnut Hill Reservoire – Great spot for running, picnics and hanging out. Peaceful at sunset. If you venture out beyond the park and to the streets to your left, you’ll see a whole side of Brookline – the hipster neighborhood is replaced by fancy homes and white fences. #jogging #outdoor

4. Charles River Esplanade

Charles River esplanade

Boston, United States

Favorite hang out spot for Bostonians over the summer. Bring a book, a drink, friends and catch some sun. Maybe go kayaking after. #camping #relax #outdoorliving

5. Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library

Boston, United States

Check out the beatidul library across from Copley square. Tons of books, old typewriters, free wifi, a video game room – trust me, you’ll be entertained. #free #freewifi

6. The Fenway Garden Society

The Fenway Garden Society

Boston, United States

Established in 1942 under FDR’s presidency, this is the last victory garden remaining in the United States. Escape the busy city with a stroll through the luscious garden with friends or alone. #free #hiking

7. Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden

Boston, United States

Boston common & the public garden are locals’ preferred hangout spot on a nice day. Kids and dogs running everywhere, photographers hanging around, trying to capture the turning leaves in the fall – this is a perfect spot to read a book, paint, jog or have a picnic. #free #statue #history

8. Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Boston, United States

A gorgeous park to go jogging or hiking in with your dog, kids or alone. Hit it up during the foliage for some awesome photo opportunities and crisp air. #nature #free #hiking

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