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8 of the Best Places to Shop Local in Los Angeles

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by Power Couple Life Jan 31, 2017

Los Angeles is home to some of the best local shopping experiences on either coast. It should come as no surprise that designer, vintage and thrifting stores and regionally inspired cafes are curated with love in every neighbourhood. Here’s our top 8 places to shop locally in Los Angeles.

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Mi Vida

 Mi VidaLos Angeles, United StatesCulture and art meets at Mi Vida, a boutique full of handmade, local products. They also host community workshops and pop-ups and a monthly featured artist.


 TenoversixLos Angeles, United StatesThis indie boutique has all the most amazing clothes and accessories for men and women by the coolest L.A. based brands. They also have gifts, home goods, books, and more. It reminds us of a quirky hotel boutique.

Wally’s Beverly Hills

 Wally’s Beverly HillsBeverly Hills, United StatesThis is one of our favorite places to get fine cheeses, pates, mustards, and chocolate. Not only do they have top quality product but their service here is top notch. The cheesemongers here know their stuff and all you need to tell them is what you were drinking and they will tell you everything you did not know you could not live without.

Dream Collective

 Dream CollectiveLos Angeles, United StatesAt thus shop we fell in love with just about everything -from their gorgeous jewelry to very thoughtfully selected shoes, clothing, gifts, and lovely scented things like soaps and perfumes.

Bay Cities Deli

 Bay Cities Italian Deli & BakerySanta Monica, United StatesAs an Italian, I am biased when it comes to Italian eateries and shops. However this place blows all other shops out of the water. If you don’t buy anything else make sure you get a Godmother. It’s their most popular sub, and comes with salami, mortadella, cappacola, ham, prosciutto, provolone, cheese, and a ton of toppings (called The Works). It’s all on a crispy Italian loaf that is made to perfection.

Opening Ceremony

 Opening CeremonyLos Angeles, United StatesI’d say the best way to describe Opening Ceremony would be to consider the place a sort of alternative to all the big names on Rodeo Drive. The items here are positioned it pretty much the same price point, except that everything seems to be geared more towards discerning customers – those that don’t insist on being on the absolute cutting edge of fashion.


 LACAUSACathedral City, United StatesOur new favorite shop is a LACAUSA, where you’ll find clothing that is “California comfort”, all made under ethical conditions right in Los Angeles. Their flagship store also carries goods from other local artisan designers, so you’re sure to follow up with multiple items on your first visit, which won’t be your last!


 FarmshopLos Angeles, United StatesTheir breakfast, weekend brunch and dinner are amazing. Hands down the best eggs anywhere, and ask for a side of the house made hot sauce.

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