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8 San Francisco Businesses That Are Making the World a Better Place

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by Daniel Meeks Oct 12, 2016

From the city that brought you the Sierra Club, the Plastic Bag Ban, and the most green space of any municipality in the US, these responsible San Francisco businesses are making an effort to blend environmental ethics with financial success. Furthermore, they’re showcasing premium products worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

You’re going to spend a few extra bucks by shopping SF-made, but if that item lasts three times as long a mass-produced competitor, you could potentially save money in the long term. This is why Danny Hess strives to craft wooden surf boards that you can pass on to your kids, and the same reason companies like Timbuk2 have a lifetime warranty. Below is a list of must-visit SF businesses offering a fresh alternative to disposable consumerism.

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Ritual Coffee Roasters

 Ritual Coffee RoastersSan Francisco, United StatesRitual is at the forefront of the coffee revolution in SF. They take fair trade to the next level, and their coffee is ultra-premium, yet priced fairly. #coffee


 WoodshopSan Francisco, United StatesDanny Hess crafts high performance surfboards from wood, recycled EPS, and Entropy Bio-Epoxy. He shares the work space with Luke Bartels, who builds equally eye catching furniture from locally salvaged and sustainably harvested hardwoods. Currently by appointment only! #high-end


 EstablishSan Francisco, United StatesRootsy cooperative art studio and retail store in the outer sunset. Check out the hand painted mermaid bottle openers.

Timbuk2 Factory Store

 Timbuk2 Factory StoreSan Francisco, United StatesStylish custom bags made in SF from 100% recycled PET (yarn made from plastic bottles).

The Church of Surf

 The Church of SurfSan Francisco, United StatesA collaboration between San Franpsycho and Indosole, a footwear manufacturer that repurposes used motorbike tires from Indonesia. #clothes #bargins

Dandelion Chocolate

 Dandelion ChocolateSan Francisco, United StatesDelicious small batch chocolate. Dandelion follows the ethical footsteps of San Francisco’s best coffee roasters.

Other Avenues Grocery Cooperative

 Other Avenues Grocery CooperativeSan Francisco, United StatesRad little worker owned co-op near the beach. Local produce, artisan foods, bulk items, toys, t-shirts and more. #cheap-eats #coffee #souvenirs #bargins

Rainbow Grocery

 Rainbow GrocerySan Francisco, United StatesRainbow Grocery was conceived in an ashram in the early 70’s. Now secular, it has evolved into an impressive worker owned cooperative. The building is decked out with with solar panels, beaming skylights, and a sunlight harvesting system.

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