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9 Giveaways You Were Born and Raised a Colorado Girl

by Cayla Vidmar Oct 17, 2016

You’ve heard the line “I’m like, a really good skier, I’m actually trying to go pro”.

If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard a guy try to pick up a woman at the bar by bragging about what a great skier/snowboarder/climber/mountain biker he is, I wouldn’t need anyone to buy me drinks.

You kind of have a thing for John Elway.

There’s just something about that smile. . .

Anything YOU can do I can better.

Sorry boys, you’ll have to check your ego at the lift line. Ladies in Colorado have been keeping up with their Dad’s on the slopes and on the trail since we were young-guns. If you can’t handle a girl that takes pride in showing you up, you should probably head to lower ground. We’re not bashful, and we don’t hangout with guys that get their feelings hurt when a girl does it better than them.

Your closet is filled with hiking boots, climbing shoes and ski/snowboard boots, among the heels (if you even own a pair).

Forget a handbag or a pair of sky-high pumps, we’d rather spend our money on new gear for outdoor adventures. Its icy and cold here half of the year, so comparatively, we get more miles out of a new pair of snowboarding boots than spiked heels. Not to mention, if I can’t get them covered in snow or mud, I probably don’t want them anyways.

We know how to squat in the woods (even if there’s no toilet paper).

All those childhood camping trips served us well—we learned early on how to squat and pee without soaking our shoes, even if there wasn’t any TP on hand (pretty sure the squat-n-shake is one of the best glute workouts there is). We’re not bashful about digging holes either, because in the real world, everyone poops (and if you’re in the backcountry of CO, you’ll talk about it in-depth, too).

You’re not embarrassed when you can drink everyone under the table at sea level.

No, it might not be “lady-like,” but when you drink at altitude regularly, that means when you visit your friends at sea level, you’ll need a few before you even get a buzz. We’re not cheap dates, get over it.

Speaking of “lady-like”. . .

Yes, we have manners, and tend to be really sweet gals in Colorado, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be drinking whiskey around bonfires, jumping off things, getting dirty, or romping around the backcountry. Being quiet and looking pretty isn’t our definition of a good time.

You’ve got a spare pair of gloves, a hat, blanket, and snow boots in your car at all times.

Because spending 4 hours on I-70 just to realize you left your gloves at home is the worst. Not to mention you knew from an early age that in Colorado, you have to be prepared for any kind of weather, snow boots in the car is just common sense.

In the spring, when the temps hit 50°F, you’re in your bikini sunbathing.

Colorado gets cold in the winter, but we’re blessed with high altitude, which means when that sun is shinning, it can get pretty balmy. With winter snowstorms going well into May (especially in the high country), we take our spring thaw seriously.

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