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The Best Cities in South America to Travel by Bike

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by Isla Andante Feb 13, 2017

There’s a big drive to make cities more bicycle-friendly, both for residents and visitors. Many cities in South America now have bike-share schemes, some for free, that make it easy to hop between sights and neighbourhoods. Here’s a selection of cities in South America who are driving this concept forward and supporting locals to leave the car and get moving.

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Bogotá, Colombia

 CicloviaBogotá, ColombiaBicycles have been really important to Bogota’s transportation, in fact 4 out of 10 Bogotanos use them for their commute. There are a lot of cycle routes that go from anywhere to everywhere and on Sundays, between 7am and 2pm, some of the major avenues are closed for cars and get full of bicycles, skates and people running on a very traditional family Sunday plan.

With its Bicicorredores program, Bogotá has one of the highest amount of reported bicycle trips per day (611,472) in South America.

México City

 Paseo dominical en biciCiudad de México, MexicoEvery Sunday from 8am to 2pm, Paseo de la Reforma avenue closes its car transit so hundreds of persons can stroll around on their bicycles, roller skates, skateboards or simply by foot.

Ecobici has the largest fleet of bicycles in the continent with over 4,000. México City is also the fourth ranked city in the world for bicycle use.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Bosques De PalermoBuenos Aires, ArgentinaRoses in full bloom at Palermo Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 🇦🇷🌹

EcoBici have free automatic stations, 24 hours service and bike trails that run several neighbourhoods.

Montevideo, Uruguay

 Tablado Rural Del PradoMontevideo, UruguayIf you’re in Montevideo during the week leading up to Easter you have to make a stop here to check out the massive Gaucho fest. Every year since 1871 the Gaucho traditions and lifestyle are put on full display. Rodeos, food, crafts and of course, mate. Lots and lots of mate. #montevideo

Santiago, Chile

 Plaza de ArmasSantiago, ChileThe center of Chile’s capital, Plaza de Armas and its famous Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago are an impressive example of Chilean architecture and vibrancy. #culture #architecture #travelstoke

Santiago is a very bike friendly city. It has many rental spots and bike paths around the centre. More than 510,569 daily trips are made by bicycle.

Rio de Janeiro

 Pedra BonitaRio de Janeiro, BrazilThe way from Pedra Bonita hike at night. It is better to take a taxi, though;)

São Paulo

 Beco do BatmanSão Paulo, BrazilAn outdoor gallery in a cool neighborhood where there are many bars and restaurants. Graffiti is a big thing in SP and this is a great thing to check it out. #graffiti #brazil #streetart #free

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have the highest number of bicycle lanes in South America.

Rosario, Argentina

 CENTRO CULTURAL PARQUE DE ESPAÑARosario, ArgentinaFrom Rosario to the whole world 😀😎
A small city but with a special charming 😘

Rosario is ideal to discover on two wheels. If you’re visiting check out the rental company Mi Bici Tu Bic.

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