The efforts required to reach the Starlight Room located at 6,742 feet (2,055 meters) in Italy’s Dolomite will quickly be forgotten once you set yourself up in this tiny, remote alpine cabin made from wood, metal, and thermally insulated glass.

The Starlight Room was built on skis and towed by a snowmobile to the Falzarego ridge where those lucky enough to spend the night will be able to have the best view on the Dolomite mountain range.

Inside the little shelter is a heater, a bed (the cabin can accommodate 2 people), and a flat screen TV — although we don’t know why anyone would use it when you can look out and see that.

A stay in the remote Starlight Room includes breakfast and dinner and costs 300 euros per night. You can find more about the room here.

Images by Giacomo Pompanin.

H/T: Inhabitat.