Finding Marin In Okinawa

by Michael Lynch Apr 5, 2010

Photo by Ryukyu Mike

This week’s This Is My Day submission comes from Ryukyu Mike, with a photograph of his granddaughter Marin’s graduation from Elementary School.

The school year ends in March in Japan. This year my first grandchild, Marin, graduated from elementary school and will start junior high in April. This is a shot of her graduating class. This is Okinawa, Japan.

I was allowed, along with another photographer, to go up on the balcony and capture the event. There, we could set up tripods and take pictures without any interference from the munchkins bouncing around on the wooden floor below. We could also avoid the other 900 spectators packed into the auditorium, who you can’t see in this photo.

The blue sheet on the left side was laid out to protect the flooring, and the white boat setting on it is a planter. All the plants and flowers are real, projects of the students.

The only problem was everyone had black hair and uniforms. I couldn’t find my granddaughter!

So I just took plenty of wide-angle shots to capture everyone. That saved the day for me. Marin is in the front row, 3rd from the right.


You can connect with Mike via his personal profile in the Matador Travel Community, and see more of his photography on mikesryukyugallery. And if you’d like to submit a photo of your own to This Is My Day, take a look at the submission guidelines.

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