Google's Year-in-Review Video Will Give You Serious Chills

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by Matt Hershberger Dec 28, 2014

VIRTUALLY EVERYONE WITH AN INTERNET CONNECTION spends at least some time on Google each year: to settle arguments, to research school projects, to confirm a rumor on Twitter, to find a news story, to kill time while sitting on a bus, and so on. Google holds on to all of these searches and then, at the end of the year, tells the world what they were searching for most.

The results tell us far more about ourselves as a human race than we might expect. We searched more for “hope” than we did for “fear,” we had an intense desire to inform ourselves about the Ebola epidemic, and we were pretty much universally blown away by James Rodriguez’s goal against Uruguay in the World Cup.

Give the video a watch and be blown away by what our world accomplished — and survived — this past year.

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