15 People Who Used the Hashtag #CincoDeMayo

by Katka Lapelosová May 4, 2014

TOMORROW IS CINCO DE MAYO, a basically-American holiday where people play up Mexican stereotypes, and give themselves an excuse to heavily imbibe on Tequila. I’ve been trying to find out how people really feel about this commandeered holiday, given that all cultural sensitivity seems to be disregarded by college students that go beyond the scope of Taco Bell for one day a year, but maybe I’m just being a sourpuss who can no longer hold her Mezcal.

I took to Twitter to see what kinds of things people were posting about this Drink-All-Day Day, using the hashtag #CincoDeMayo. Mostly people talked about getting drunk, but some of the responses were pretty creative, and fun.

A little context:

The obvious reason why avocados are so inexpensive right now (screw the growing season…):

Spanish teachers, weigh in:

Double fisting…awwwwww yeah!:

Should people be more sensitive to what Cinco De Mayo stands for, or should they just ‘get over it and party’?:

I think they need to work on their counting skills some more…

This guy is going to be very lonely, come Monday:


How nerds celebrate Cinco de Mayo:

This dog…I can’t EVEN:

A question that requires some critical thinking:

One of the only cultural references I came across:

Essential information:

For those who need a little lifestyle validation:


The most honest statement to come out of this event:

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