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You Know You're in Burlington, Vermont When...

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by Katie McGrain May 28, 2015

1. You can pick out multiple people you know on the mural next to the parking garage.

2. You have ordered poutine from the Nectar’s window and unabashedly wolfed it down while standing on the street.

3. Your hardest late night decisions involve choosing which pizza place to go to; Mr. Mike’s, Juniors or Manhattans.

4. You see an Afro-wearing, Nader-loving, tye-dye sporting guy pedaling around town and you automatically wave.

5. You know, without looking, that the majority of the cars in any given parking lot are Subarus.

6. You know it’s pointless to drive downtown on a weekend because parking is terrible, but do it anyway.

7. You can spend your entire Saturday morning walking, eating and people watching at the farmer’s market.

8. And you don’t look twice when you see someone eating a cricket lollipop while strolling through said Farmer’s Market.

9. You know the best place to get seriously strong drinks is at ESox.

10. You have run into Mike Gordon (of Phish) or Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry’s) on more than one occasion.

11. You avoid going downtown when the college kids return for the semester.

12. It’s 40 degrees out and people are wearing sandals.

13. You go looking for a maple creemee, not soft serve, on a hot summer day.

14. You love the summers not for the weather and activities, but for the lack of college kids.

15. You have jumped into Lake Champlain both when it’s 85 degrees and when it’s 15 degrees.

16. Beards are the must have winter accessory.

17. Flannel clothing is always appropriate and goes with everything.

18. There are equal amount of dogs as people at the outdoor restaurants on Church Street.

19. Almond milk, soymilk, hemp milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, rice milk and oat milk are all options for your coffee.

20. You have seen the act of the guy who balances on chairs on Church Street so many times you know every part of his show.

21. You call City Market, ‘City Mark-up’, and Healthy Living, ‘Wealthy Living’… but you still shop in both places, anyway.

22. Your coffee comes from local shops like Muddy Waters or Uncommon Grounds, not Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

23. Even though Muddy Waters has no Wifi, you still sit and chat/work for hours.

24. You see the crowd of people waiting outside Penny Cluse on a Sunday morning, and you still wait for an hour because the food is that good.

25. You skip Pearl Street Beverage on a Friday night because of the lines of college kids, and head to the Beverage Warehouse in Winooski to stock up on booze for the weekend.

26. You know which day Heady Topper arrives in stores and are sure to get there before they are sold out.

27. You eat Al’s greasy, greasy French fries covered in vinegar, even though you have heard stories about people having heart attacks while in the restaurant.

28. You keep a shovel in your car at all times because you never know when there might be snowstorm.

29. You base your menu choices solely on where the meat/cheese/bread comes from.

30. When you seriously want to pig out you head to the Shopping Bag for the Sizzler.

31. You tell tourists to eat at Sweetwaters while you go to the Daily Planet.

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