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You Know You've Gone Full Canadian When...

by Marie-Louise Monnier Jul 1, 2015

1. The first thing you do upon waking up in the morning is listen to Anna Maria Tremonti and…

2. You devote one hour per week to Stuart Maclean’s Dave and Morley.

3. You sweeten your coffee with a teaspoon of maple syrup.

4. You dream of owning a house in Vancouver, but are much too aware that it’s never going to happen.

5. You think Merino wool leggings are sexy.

6. Visiting Churchill, Manitoba is on your bucket list.

7. Joni Mitchell is road trip material.

8. You know the exact day when you have to put on your winter tires and when you are allowed to take them off (and you usually don’t wait one day longer to get rid of them in case it gives blizzards a free pass to ruin spring time).

9. You don’t bat an eye at the mention of Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat any longer.

10. You know one can’t live without mitts in this land.

11. You can have a full conversation about George Stroumbouloupoulos without ever getting stuck on his name.

12. You bear phobia is almost gone (that’s until you see the little yellow sign at the start of a hike and start biting your nails).

13. You make Saskatoon jam and go huckleberry picking every summer.

14. You’ve stopped scamming Netflix and instead enjoy watching Shitt’s Creek on its Canadian version.

15. You know there’s much more to see in Canada than Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

16. Checking out #ExploreCanada on Instagram makes your heart swell with pride.

17. You yell at Albertans for driving like maniacs.

18. You’re looking forward to Monday, October 19th of this year to see if the country will change for the best.

19. Driving through Ontario is possibly the longest thing you’ve ever done.

20. You admit that it’s the most beautiful place in the world. Even compared to your homeland.

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