Obama On Leno – What Would Bill Hicks Have Thought?

by Tom Gates Mar 20, 2009

“I can’t watch TV longer than five minutes without praying for nuclear holocaust.” – Bill Hicks

Nobody ever expected Leno to ask Obama tough questions (he’s been soft around the middle for years).

Still, I’d give anything to hear what Bill Hicks would have said about the show. Hicks, always merciless, had a particular penchant for pointing out that the once-funny Leno had sold his soul to the devil years ago.

Hicks’ run-ins with talk show hosts was not just limited to Leno. He famously ran charged into battle with David Letterman after his act was censored (removed entirely, actually) on that show in 1993.

Letterman fully redeemed himself earlier this year by having Hicks’ mother on Late Show, airing the originally censored piece and apologizing. Apparently feeling the need to repent, Letterman said “It says more about me as a guy than it says about Bill because there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.”

There are plenty of Hicks clips available online, if you’re new to his blistering routines and opinions. His brand of comedy is certainly not for everyone, least of all the audience members who came to hear “dick jokes” and instead became his punching bag for twenty minutes. A true comic visionary, Bill died in 1994 of cancer.

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