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10 Paradise Spots in Venezuela That You've Probably Never Heard Of

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by Adriana Herrera Sep 16, 2016

Venezuela has more than 1400 kilometers of accesible coastline for travelers. For those of us who are adventure seekers, different spots in Venezuela represent the opportunity to enjoy untouched Caribbean landscape. You can find colder or warmer waters, as well as quiet shores and ideal waves for surfing. Venezuela’s nature caters to all tastes and needs. The following list includes some spots you shouldn’t miss, but there are many more: Venezuela has more than 300 islands, and most are virgin land. If you are from Venezuela or know its coastline well, please name your personal favorite in the comments below.


1. Punta Delgada, La Tortuga Island

La Tortuga

Santa Teresa, Venezuela

This is one of the many beaches you can find in La Tortuga, the second largest island in Venezuela. You need to get there by speed boat and spend the nights in tents, because there is no guesthouses. Don’t forget the sun protection. #camping


2. El Americano, La Blanquilla Island

La Blanquilla island, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

This island is located at the north of Margarita island and you only can get there by sailing or in a speed boat. There is no guesthouses nor hotels. Just the nature and you. So, you can sleep on the sailboat or camp in any beach.


3. Cayo de Agua, Los Roques

Los Roques, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, according to National Geographic. You’ll feel in the paradise walking through the natural sand bridge, and with the warm water. Please, just look that turquoise color to fall in love with this place.


4. Medina, Sucre

Medina beach, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

How many palms!! You’ll see like the jungle is coming to the beach. The water is dark green and cold. An excellent place to feel the venezuelan Caribbean. Ask for a fried fish or fresh coconut water.


5. Cayo Sombrero, Falcón

Playa Cayo Sombrero

Agua Salobre, Venezuela

It seems like a postcard. Is one of the most beautiful islands on Morrocoy National Park. The fishermans says that this beach has seven types of blues and I don’t know if this is true, but you are going to be very happy there.


6. Yapascua, Carabobo

Yapascua, Carabobo, Venezuela

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When the sun comes out, all the greens and blues of this beach are more beautiful to admire. It’s a very warm and quiet beach, no deep and you can get there walking through the mountain or by speed boat #camping


7. Tuja, Aragua

Playa Ensenada de Tuja

Tovar, Venezuela

This little paradise is 45 minutes away from Choroní on a speed boat. It’s small and with crystal water, perfect to camp among the palm trees or just to spend the day. #camping


8. Cabo Negro, Margarita Island

Cabo Negro, Margarita island, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

You can get this amazing view after a walk of 30 minutes through the mountain, from Puerto Real beach. It’s an easy treck but you must be careful with all the cactus on the way.


9. Carenero, Los Roques

Los Roques, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

This island is called Carenero and it has two beaches. The first one is very quiet, just in front a little and delicious restaurant. The second one is more breeze but gorgeus. If you need some time to relax, this is the place for you. #camping


10. Cayo Sur, Morrocoy National Park, Falcón

Morrocoy National Park

Muncipio Autónomo Silva, Venezuela

Cayo Sur is a perfect spot to practice snorkel inside Morrocoy National park. It’s a very quiet beach, with a very important reef barrier and a beautiful shore to spend the day just looking at the sea.

You can read the article in Spanish here.

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