This Photo Shows You Why You Should Take Your Eyes Off Your Cell Phone

California Photo + Video + Film
by Morgane Croissant Feb 5, 2015

CHECKING YOUR cell phone constantly can cost you a lot more than data overage. You might just miss the best sight of wildlife you’ll ever have.

Photographer Eric Smith was busy looking at a humpback whale and her calf breaching off Redondo Beach in California when he noticed that not everyone around was as observant as him.

Smith told CBS “I was roughly 50 feet from the whale and her calf when they surfaced next to the sailboat. The guy never looked up from his phone throughout the entire breach.”

Being stuck to your cell phone to the point where you do not even see a whale a few feet away from you is rather disturbing. What could be more interesting than that? It’s a good lesson for everyone: unplug and observe what surrounds you. We bet it will be more interesting than your Facebook news feed.

A sign of the times.

Une photo publiée par E. Smith (@esmith_images) le

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