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13 Reasons We Are Stoked Comic Con Will Stay in San Diego (Where It Belongs)

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by Alex Scola Jul 3, 2015

BREAKING NEWS, GEEKY TRAVELERS: After months of uncertainty and intense negotiations, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Comic Con International announced today that San Diego Comic Con will stay in San Diego through 2018.

And frankly, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s why we’re stoked that Comic Con is staying in San Diego:

1. Because the Deadpool army depends on the year-round 70-degree weather to keep their suits sweat-free (while hunting for tacos and chimichangas).

2. Because it’s one of the safest cities in the country, which means that Iron Man can finally take the weekend off and unwind at the bar.

3. Because even superheroes need a day at the beach.


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4. Because the burritos in San Diego are epic — especially when handed to you by the companion of a certain Doctor.

5. Because Doc Ock loves the local beer (flowing from any of the 74 San Diego-based microbreweries).

6. Because where else in the world can you go to a renowned zoo still in cosplay, and not feel weird about it?

7. Because the entire Imperial Army knows how family friendly the city is.

8. Because no other city has a convention hall that was basically designed for taking iconic, perfectly framed selfies.

9. Because few other cities are have their own resident superheroes, like local legend Slomo.

10. Because what other city would commit as deeply to the Con as the congoers themselves?

11. Because where else would Loki feel comfortable enough to join the fray at the world’s geekiest dance parties?

12. Because the only place with suitable parking for the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 is in the Gaslamp Quarter.

13. And finally, because in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy: San Diego keeps it classy.

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