Sometimes You Just Want to Get Human!

by Leigh Shulman Nov 10, 2009
For when you’re tired of waiting for a machine to tell you which button to press and just want to talk to a human being.

I’m all for artificial intelligence and even look forward to the day I can have a nice chat with my toaster over a cup of coffee, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend my time listening carefully to voice recorded options.

You know who I mean. That annoying (usually) woman who tells you to wait until you’ve heard all the options before making a choice. Normally, that’s good life advice. This does not apply when you’re trying to get through to AT&T to find out why your bill is suddenly twice what you think it should be.

Enter Get Human!

An online listing of hundreds of companies worldwide with information on how to reach them by phone and how to quickly dial through the voice messages in order to talk to a real live human being.


Then we can all get back to the important things. Like stocking up on free iPhone apps, read a book or even wash your dishes,


Let us know how these work for you or share your own websites that you use to help simplify your life.

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