Street Art Transformed This Old Moroccan Church Into Something Incredibly Vibrant

by Morgane Croissant Mar 16, 2016

Okuda San Miguel is at it again. After transforming an old Spanish church into Kaos Temple, a public skate park, the street artist transformed an abandoned Moroccan church into an incredibly colourful mural titled “11 Mirages to Freedom.”

Okuda 3

Okuda 7

San Miguel painted the building in geometric bears, birds, and human faces. He also incorporated the barred windows of the church into his design by turning them into bird cages, hats, and heads.

Okuda 5

Okuda 8

Okuda 4

San Miguel gave a new life to the old building by transforming it into a vibrant and appealing structure.

Okuda 6

All images courtesy of Ink and Movement.

H/T: Inhabitat.

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