11. Not Keeping a Clean Workspace –
There’s likely to be a colony of germs all over your mouse, keyboard, desk, printer… life. Pack some disinfectant wipes to clean your space every now and then, but make sure they won’t harm your computer.

12. Not Exercising At All – It’s pretty easy to blow off the gym when you’ve had a stressful day at work, but force yourself to make it there. Some people opt for an early work-out to keep the adrenaline pumping all morning. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people who bounce out of bed smiling – I’m more inclined to punch that person in the face. I used to eat a light snack 30 minutes before leaving work, and then hit the gym no matter how busy it was. Do NOT go home for supper first, I guarantee you will not return.

Photo by jaie22

13. Not Sleeping – As someone who used to stay up until 2 a.m. finishing work and then wake up at 7 a.m. to do it all over again, let me tell you your mind will disintegrate. You will not be able to function at meetings and you will roll painfully through the day like you’re pushing a boulder uphill. Sleep is the key to success, I am sure of it.

14. Sitting in a Crap Chair – I just told you that sitting is bad for you, period. But it’s hard to complete your work from a treadmill unless you’re a fitness coach, so you need to compromise. Invest in a good office chair. Do some research and then splash the cash; it’ll be worth it.

15. If You Work From Home, Mix it Up –
Sure, you have the office set up to suit you, but spending all day every day in your home screws with your head. You might find yourself talking to your cats more than usual,or leaving your hair uncombed for days and forgetting to shower (true story). You’re also more apt to go out and spend money in the evenings just to escape the house, or get completely hammered on a Monday evening. Take your laptop and head to a cafe where you can simultaneously people-watch and be productive.

16. Holding Your Breath – Here’s something freaky you might not have heard of before – email apnea. Apparently most people hold their breath or start breathing shallower whilst checking their email or using their phone. This significantly contributes to stress-related diseases and disrupts things like learning, memory, sleep and even the ability to feel pain. Breathe deeply, and through the nose!

17. Working From Your Bed –
If you work from home, it’s easy to opt for comfort and spend all day working from the luxury of a soft bed. This throws your body all out of whack and disrupts sleep patterns. Avoid temptation, and keep your work in your office.

18. Being a Slave to Email – Unless it’s an emergency, most people won’t care if you take a little while to reply to their email. Set certain hours during the day to respond, and then move on with the day. This will also help you avoid being one of those douchebags constantly checking their email while in the company of others.

19. Eating in Front of a Computer – Like I said, your keyboard is a disgusting germ hub. When you’re typing with food nearby, you easily transfer over the germs. It’s never a bad idea to take the time out to actually enjoy your meal rather than mindlessly shoving it in your mouth.

20. Gossip – The most important rule you’ll ever learn: do not participate in the office drama. Colleagues often become friends, but if you have a wild night out on the town and somebody hooks up with a stripper, keep it to yourself. Nobody can afford to have people saying slanderous things about them, especially not in the workplace.