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12 Travelers Sound Off on Their Worst Travel Nightmares

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by Alex Scola Jun 17, 2015

Ruch Li on Quora asked: “What is the traveler’s worst nightmare?”

Here are 12 select responses from the Quoraverse:


1. “Taking antimalaria pills for the first time, then reading up on possible side effects which may include hallucinations, [and] waking up that night to find a dead body in your bed.

Of course, it turns out that this was a hallucination, but now you’re alone far away from home, you’re not sure what is real, and you can’t get off the antimalarials.”- Jacek Karaszewski


2. “Being stuck at the Suvarnabhumi airport for 2 weeks during a coup.”- Ryan Chew


3. “Diarrheal storm.”- Anonymous


4. “A lost or stolen passport.”- Rishabh Baldi


5. “Getting completely lost somewhere without any technology or translator and not knowing the language.”- Vladimir Myasnyankin


6. “Arriving in a foreign country where you do not speak the language, only to find that you’ve lost your wallet along the way and have no money or ways to get money” – Me, I did this…


7. “A death of one of the traveling partners would rank pretty high. We had something similar happen where my wife was critically injured in Paris in a motorcycle mugging.”- Walter Kasmer


8. “Discovering much of the world is just like home, but the people talk funny.”- Richard Garrett


9. “Having a grizzly bear rip your backpack to shreds trying to get at some bit of food.”- Sed Chapman


10. “You reach Beijing airport 3 AM and are confident that you have read enough about the ‘taxi’ scam where they charge $200 USD for ride of worth $25. You find the airport authorized taxi with a meter which is not tempered.

You start your journey with a non-English speaking driver. Soon you notice that the numbers in the meter [are] running faster than you anticipated, but convince yourself that the meter is not displaying the fare.

When you reach the boutique hotel in the heart of city, the driver demands $300 USD!!! When you try to explain he simply says ‘no English’. You negotiate and finally agree to pay $200.”- Lalit Bhatia


11. ” Taking a last-minute train ride to the airport, only to arrive and realize that the train goes to the city with the same name as the airport and not the [actual] airport.”- Ryan Chew


12. “I ended up lost in Spain, on one of the Canary Islands, with no idea how to get to my hotel. When I called the hotel, I was told in broken English that I should call again tomorrow when the person who speaks English will be at work.” – Silvina Furnadzhieva


What’s your worst travel nightmare? Sound off in the comments!



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