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14 Reasons You Should Never Visit New Orleans

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by Alice Latham Jun 19, 2015

1.The only seafood you eat is at Red Lobster.

It’s a beautiful evening for enjoying some fresh #oysters! #chargrilled #dozen #onthehalfshell #acmeoyster

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2. Live music in Jackson Square? You can’t hear yourself think with all that noise!

3. The French Quarter doesn’t impress you.


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4. Huge-ass beers on Bourbon Street? How glutenous!

5. You’d rather eat a normal sandwich than a poboy. Sliced bread is your jam!

6. Strolling through the gorgeous Garden district? What a bore!

7. Everything is way too French looking. I thought this was the USA!

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8. Why would you want to go to the best street party in the world?

9. Beignets are just a myth, you can’t even get them in NOLA.

10. You’re not really into sports.

11. Alligator dogs? You’re better off sticking to the regular kind.

Alligator and turducken dogs.

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12. The oldest bar in the country? Yeah right!

13. Street art is just a fancy way of saying vandalism

14. NOLA is way too vibrant and colorful. Don’t even think about visiting!

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