12 Ways to Cure Your Hangover in Amsterdam Like a Local

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by Genevieve Northup Aug 9, 2015

1. Keep it up.

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It’s 9am, and you feel like you’ve been run over by a streetcar. Most bars in the city don’t open until at least noon, but at ’t Smalle, bartenders are busy at 10am seven days a week. As the day of misery wears on, down a cocktail that matches your state of being — The Walking Dead — at Hiding in Plain Sight.

2. Eat an Omelegg omelet.

Packed with protein and amino acids, Omelegg’s dishes are go-to hangover remedies. Plus you can access their free WiFi to determine the extent of last night’s debauchery on Instagram.

3. Check in for the city’s highest and priciest jacuzzi.

The Faralda Crane Hotel, a shipping-crane-turned-boutique-hotel, has a hot tub 150 feet above the city. Wash away alcohol B.O. while enjoying the view.

4. Drop cash at the Hangover Information Center.

Only in Amsterdam is there a shop that has an elixir to erase the damage you’ve done. You’ll be so pissed off at the entrepreneur who created RESET overpriced vitamin water that you no longer have a pounding headache.

5. Ride a bike.

Your idea of cardio post-bender might be lifting the remote, but even lazy, uncoordinated, and hungover you are capable of cycling Amsterdam’s flat landscape. Trust me, exercise and fresh air will make you feel human again.

6. Have a Heineken.

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Discover the brewing process and finish a few at the Heineken Experience. Beware: Interactive exhibits may increase dizziness and nausea, so bring some Dramamine.

7. Indulge in Mary Jane at a coffee shop.

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Hey, it’s got medicinal properties. After a few hits, you won’t be queasy.

8. Test your survival skills in an adventure room.

You can’t be too hungover to successfully play these escape games, where you’ll get an adrenaline high as the clock ticks down and claustrophobia takes hold. Too scared? Break into Sherlocked’s bank vault instead.

9. Refuel with a killer brunch.

Bloody Bacon @G’s Amsterdam

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G’s is a trendy joint dishing hip music, strong cocktails and greasy food. Order a variation of eggs Benedict and a Bloody Bacon.

10. Boost low blood sugar with chocolate.

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The Chocolate Bakery translates the concept of Turkish döner (lamb roasted on a spit and shaved into a bun) to a four-foot-tall chocolate rotisserie.

11. Commandeer a canal houseboat.


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The swaying vessel will lull you into a coma, so you can sleep it off.

12. Gawk at the goods of the Red Light District.

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Hot girls in the windows and x-rated shows ensure your hangover isn’t the only thing on your mind.

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