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21 More Crazy Party Hostels Around the World

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by Tom Gates Dec 11, 2014
1. Isaacs hostel

Location: Dublin, Ireland

“Come and sleep with us” is Isaacs’ catch phrase and it sounds pretty appealing.

Not only does this hostel have the reputation to be the “best party hostel in Dublin”, but it is also the perfect place for solo travelers to meet people and have some fun.

Get ready to hit the pubs!

2. Casa Caracol

Location: Cadiz, Spain

It doesn’t seem like anyone sleeps here, or at least not while the moon is out. This is one of those places that’s either described as the best party of someone’s life or the worst nightmare of another’s. One stop might even be enough to do you in. As one person said on, “I really enjoyed my stay; but I don’t think I’ll come back.”

3. Gilligan’s Backpacker Hostel

Location: Cairns, Australia

The reviews are unanimous: this hostel knows how to party.

Gilligan’s hosts two nightclubs, a bar, and a swimming pool: the perfect combination for some wild nights.
The Ultimate Party Bus that takes the guests pub crawling every Saturday evening, and brings them back safely at the hostel, is also one of the perks of staying at Gilligan’s.
To top it up, as if you needed an incentive, this hostel offers you a free meal with any drink purchase you make.

4. Aqua Lounge Bar & Hostel

Location: Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Bocas Del Toro is quickly becoming a huge party destination, often with travelers on the last stop of their South American loop. Mondo Taitu remains the mainland’s party spot of choice, but more adventurous travelers will be rewarded if they seek out this island hostel, just a stone’s throw from shore.

You have to love a budget accommodation that lists itself as a bar first and a crash pad second. Aqua Lounge sits precariously on the water’s edge, with a pool made for backflips and beer drinking. It’s the perfect spot to take over if you’re traveling in a pack or meeting up with another squad of friends.

5. Tiger Tim’s Place

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Tiger Tim’s place is run by a Hungarian, Irish, and Australian staff… Need we say more? According to Lucy Munday, one of Matador Network’s readers, “Tim is a former priest who now orders pizza for his guests and takes them on massive piss-ups to clubs in old schools, parks, and war ships.”
This hostel also regularly organizes traditional Hungarian music & folk dancing nights.
Seems promising, doesn’t it?

6. Base

Location: Magnetic Island, Australia

It’s not uncommon to see patrons of this hostel walking the shore with big, silver bags of goon ripped right from their boxes, spouts pouring freely into the mouths of anyone who will have them. The A-frame dorms are filled to the brim during the summer and there are plenty of corners for late night nookie, including a much-abused tent used to store linens.

The main bar is a striking party space, huge and communal. Most nights the action gets going as the sun goes down, but it’s not uncommon for the whole thing to kick off in the afternoon, next to the hostel’s excellent pool.

7. Traveller’s Hostel

Location: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Peeking through the Tripadvisor reviews makes me feel bad for those who came here to rest up. Upon arrival, one person notes “everyone was still asleep because of a tequila party the night before” and another confirms, “This place is loud all night, and I mean all night until 6 AM in the morning.”

8. Beachcomber Island Resort

Location: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

This resort sports a mammoth dorm with 86 beds, making it one hell of a devil’s playground. The day drill involves wallowing and drinking — at night, carousing and drinking.

The only property on this small island, there are all kinds of places to make mischief. Most partiers stay on the close-by private beach, where there’s a stocked bar and always a friend with a bottle fresh from duty-free. The bunks tend to thump a bit after 2 AM.

9. The Tiger Paw Hostel

Location: Medellín, Colombia

The Tiger Paw was recommended by many as Colombia’s great party hostel. Stock and standard are events that make for the beginnings of a wild night; beer pong and poker nights to name a couple. Its location close to Zona Rosa makes pre-gaming all that much easier.

10. Blue Moon

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

We kept hearing reports about this guest house (with dorm beds), which contains a fully-stocked back porch saloon with a stage for live music. According to the site, “It’s become a meeting place where world travelers, community organizations, families, artists, and politicians rub elbows, dance, drink a few and thank their lucky stars they have the good fortune to spend an evening together in Lafayette, LA.”

11. Rio Bohemia Hostel

Location: Lapa, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

A hostel with an Irish Pub downstairs can only spell danger. Place that danger in Brazil and you have one hell of a party. Word on the street is that Samba Villa is cracking on the weekends, with Lapa’s legendary street parties spilling over into Samba at all hours.

One review sums it up: “Right in the heart of the Friday night action, which is very useful for toilet stops and replenishing cash reserves. Don’t expect any sleep.”

12. Snooze & Booze

Location: Split, Croatia

DTravelsRound turned us onto this Aussie-run hotel in Split, saying that it is “known for its social setting, regularly leading packers on tours of the town, hitting up pubs throughout the old town, allowing travelers to get a guided tour of the nightlife.” Basically, guided drunkenness.

13. Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

To be fair, nothing can top the party that happens during weekends in the nearby Bairro Alto. Yes! takes a stab at it though, especially on weeknights when many prefer to keep the party at home. 2 for 3 beer goes down fast, as does any €2 bottle of wine that you can find at a local grocery store.

During my blurry night here I met a curvy mom (a buzzed cougar?), a slurry Brazilian with come-hither eyes (and a girlfriend back home) and two terrifying Russian men, both quite toxic and looking for something to punch. The common room has loads of beanbag chairs should you pass out. There’s also a king-sized bed underneath the TV, for those who can’t muster the strength to take it upstairs.

14. Wild Rover Hostel

Location, La Paz, Bolivia

Wild Rover has the highest Irish pub in the world located at over 3600 meters above sea level; I don’t know if it’s the altitude or the beer, but the parties never disappoint.

This hostel will celebrate its 7th anniversary on December 13th, 2014, so if you’re around, go and join them for this celebration as there should be some fun to be had!

15. Villa Saint Exupery

Location: Nice, France

This might be one of the prettiest party hostels in the world. Gorgeous or not, this place goes off. €1 beer awaits anyone who can operate a vending machine, and after 8pm the main area is awash with revelers on the drink.

16. Hanoi Backpackers Hostel

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Backpackers Hostel throws a party at the drop of a hat. Started by Australians, the place has a legendary Sunday bash that includes traditional barbie and a free keg. Happy Hour starts at 5pm every day on the roof.

17. Stone Of A Beach

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Just two blocks from Copacabana beach, Stone Of A Beach gets consistent plugs from partiers, most often with mention of its rooftop bar and late nights. The caipirinhas are said to be especially deadly. Typical of hostels in this category, reviews are either raves or vehement slags.

18. Pudu Hostel

Location: Bariloche, Argentina

Pudu is haphazardly placed on some sort of cliff — the upstairs rooms have gorgeous views overlooking Patagonia but most guests head to the kitchen each night, where everyone kicks in a few bucks for food and drink. Quiet hammock-side conversation often turns to a full-out party by midnight in the garden.

Pudu is run by an Irish couple who have a history of radical travel and an Argentine who loves all things rasta. I wouldn’t say that anything goes here, but I would say anything within reason.

19. Friendly Fun Franks Backpackers Hostel

Location: Riga, Latvia

Franks enjoys a worldwide reputation on the backpacker scene. British, Australian, and Latvian owned, this backpacker not only offers pub tours, they also do bobsled riding and AK-47 shooting. There’s a 24-hour bar on premises, if you’d like to load up before pumping bullets.

20. Eastern Comfort

Location: Berlin, Germany

The Eastern Comfort is a hostel boat parked on the Spree River in Berlin, just next to the heavily partied districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. The boat itself has a fascinating history, having been transported on a barge from another part of the country by an owner with a dream.

The on-board bar gets packed on Wednesdays for language-swap night, which later turns into tongue-swap night.

21. Green Tortoise Hostel

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

The Grand Ballroom with its stage full of instruments is the centrepiece of this hostel.

Dancing nights, pub crawls, wine tours, free taco nights, and concerts are just a few examples of the fun that awaits you.

This article was originally published on December 21st, 2009.

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