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6 Craft Beers You Have to Try in Wisconsin

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by Randa Meyer Nov 4, 2015

It is no secret that Wisconsin has a strong love for anything beer related (our MLB team are the Brewers. It’s pretty serious). Whether it is beer-battered fish fry, beer festivals or beer-cheese soup (yes, beer and cheese CAN go together), we love it. However as much as we love our famous brews like Pabst or Miller, we especially like our local craft beers.

With the help of several Sconnies, I have here a beginner’s six-pack for all of you out-of-towners who want to start exploring Wisconsin’s thirst quenching libations.

1. New Glarus’ Spotted Cow

By far probably the state’s most famous craft brewery, Spotted Cow is a cloudy, fruity ale that is absolutely a must have if you visit our great state. I have yet to visit a bar that does not carry it, it is that popular and well loved. I suggest kicking it back with a squeeze of lemon to give it a little extra zing!

2. Lake Louie’s Warped Speed Scotch Ale

Brewed in small town Arena, Wisconsin, the Warped Speed Scotch Ale is a favorite for those who enjoy fuller bodied beers. Dark, sweet and definitely potent.

3. Sheep’s Ewephoria

A winter seasonal, Ewephoria is more of a “dessert” stout with a chocolate and spicy ginger finish. I recommend pairing it with Carr Valley’s Cocoa Cardona if you want to get your beer AND cheese love on.

4. Pearl Street Brewery’s That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout Organic Rolled Oat Stout

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If you ever have the opportunity to drive through LaCrosse, sitting on the Mississippi River between Minnesota and Wisconsin, stop over at the Pearl Street Brewery and try this delicious black malt. It’s smooth, chocolaty, made with organic oats and is a great addition to my German-style pork chop recipe!

5. Ale Asylum’s Madtown Nutbrown

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The Madtown Nutbrown is—you guessed it—a bit nutty in flavor. It is a brown ale that has a creamy and flavorful finish. Next time you’re in Madison, check out the brewery and get a taste of some of their other popular favorites.

6. Capital Brewery’s Wisconsin Amber

Capital’s Wisconsin Amber is a classic lager. No fuss nor hassle, just pure clean flavor.

Thanks to David Kratky and Patrick Farley for their help!

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