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9 Craft Beers You Have to Try in Ohio

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by Matt Hershberger Nov 1, 2015

THE GREAT STATE OF OHIO IS at the forefront of the craft beer revolution. Maybe it’s the state’s large population of German descent, or maybe it’s simply our appreciation of all things awesome, but Ohio’s 163 breweries (which create 83,000 jobs) seem to be making disproportionately better beer than in other states. Here are some of the Ohio craft beers you have to try out.

Moerlein OTR

Cincinnati’s classic brewery makes a ton of really great beers, but OTR, a malty Pale Ale named after the city’s most famous neighborhood, is one of my personal all-time favorites.

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald

I’ll take any of Cleveland’s best’s beers in a pinch (the Elliott Ness and Dortmunder Gold are particularly fantastic), but the Edmund Fitzgerald is a rare craft porter that doesn’t just taste like someone put Hershey’s syrup into a Guinness.

Rhinegeist Truth

The IPA trend is overrated. This IPA is not.

Jackie O’s Bourbon Barrel Black Maple

Bourbon? Maple? 11% ABV? Yes, please.

Fathead HopJuju

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Beers that are named after their hoppiness (“Hoptimus Prime,” “Hopageddon,” Hopsecutioner”) tend to lean a little too heavily on numbing your tastebuds and not heavily enough on providing actual flavor. This one is delicious.

Columbus Bodhi

“Golden delicious” should not refer to the terrible apples that are neither golden nor delicious, but to this beer, which is both. Also, Columbus Brewing Company might be the best in the state.

Madtree Gnarly Brown

A brewery that names its beers after Peanuts references (their fall seasonal is called the “Great Pumpcan”) is obviously doing something right.

Mt. Carmel Amber

Don’t like Amber ales? Now you do.

Barley’s MacLenny’s Scottish Ale

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Carmelly, malty, autumn-y deliciousness.

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