Apollo Poetry, 'The Traveling Poet,' Brings His Art to the People

by Joshywashington Aug 1, 2009
NY Poetry Slam champion and now traveling documentarian, Apollo Poetry aims to make the world a better place one verse at a time.

Apollo Poetry has won multiple poetry contests including the NY Poetry Slam and has been featured in MTV’S True Life, VIBE Magazine and Showtime at the Apollo. His style is passionate, spiritual and raw, bringing elements of beat poetry and hip hop to a synthesis that is making people sit up and take notice.

Apollo now calls himself The Traveling Poet and he is taking his spoken word on the road to film a first-of-its-kind documentary and share the creative spark that burns within him.

From TravelingPoet.com
“Apollo Poetry is a spoken word artist who has chosen words as tools of inspiration to bridge the gap between our cultural divisions and unite us back into the realization that we are souls having a human experience.”

Apollo will go to schools, shelters, hospitals, and poetry venues around the world to spread an inspirational message of healing and inner peace.

Wanna jump on board and help Apollo and his crew? Visit TravelingPoet.com to find out how you can get involved.

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