Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Do I eat here or do I…? The toilet theme may overwhelm you as brightly colored commodes, tubs and urinals decorate the restaurant and even the food is served in toilet shaped dishes.

If you’re feeling weak, go ahead and take a seat on one of the toilets. Just don’t confuse your seat at the table with your seat in the bathroom. And, as our own Kate Sedgwick writes: “Far from being scummy or intimidating, Modern Toilet Restaurants bristle with cleanliness.”

Modern Toilet has 13 locations in Taiwan, and as their slogan states, it’s “a good place to let yourself go.”

The Clink, Surrey, UK

A security clearance, an invite from someone in the know, and Home Office approval is required to get a table at The Clink, the restaurant inside a working prison. After you’ve relinquished your cell phone and any sharp objects, you’ll head through the steel doors and past the razor wire.

The staff politely force a smile at jokes about “porridge” and “serving thyme”. – David Barrett

Someone serving time serves you; it’s a part of a rehabilitation scheme. Expect fairly fine dining, but for the true prison experience, if you’re in the mood for one, is the prisoner fare (curry, Irish stew, or baked potato) for the bargain price of around $2.00.

Don’t order anything that needs too much knife work, there’s no metal cutlery allowed, plastic only.

H.M.P. High Down, High Down Lane, Sutton, Surrey
+44 020 7147 6524

Heart Attack Grill, Chandler, AZ

This is not the place for calorie counters or vegetarians. “Caution! This establishment is BAD for your health!” proclaims a sign on the door. According to their website, if you’re over 350lbs, you eat free at Heart Attack Grill where they have “taste worth dying for!”

I’ve never seen a more aptly named restaurant nor one that points more specifically to why America has an obesity problem. But darn it all, I do loves me some meat and cheese.

Have a go at the quadruple bypass, four half pound beef patties, eight slices of cheese, a whole tomato and half an onion. It’s juicy, messy, and delicious and served by waitresses in titillating red and white nurse outfits.

And it’s bargain at $12.95 for 8000 calories.

6185 W Chandler Blvd

New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad, India

Indulge in a soft buttery roll or cup of milky tea at New Lucky Restaurant’s amongst the other visitors, some more permanent fixtures than others– it is built over a Muslim cemetery.

The waiters know the floor plan like a bus driver knows his route, and they’ve mastered the delicate dance of shimmying between graves with a tray of hot tea in each hand. – Sam Dolnick

Scattered sporadically throughout the restaurant, the graves are green and surrounded by low white metal fences, so you don’t have to worry about stepping on anyone’s eternal resting place.

Candles are lit upon the graves at night, and some go there for date nights. Because nothing says romance like dining next to the graves of a 16th century Sufi saints family and friends.

Near Dinbai Tower, Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad
+91 079 25505033

The Clinic, Singapore

Pull up a gold-plated wheelchair or snap a spot on a hospital bed at The Clinic. Drinks with names like “Sex on a Drip” are served in IV bags, and the food is served on a stainless steel surgical tables. Chefs “operate” on the food in an open plan kitchen, and you can watch the show as they cook under brilliant operating room lights.

Prices run high here, up to $50 per drink (I’ll hold off from any drinks so expensive you could die jokes).

Block 3C The Cannery
River Valley Road #01-03
+65 68873733

Ninja New York, New York City

Set up as a Ninja Castle from feudal Japan designed to trick and confuse with shadowy corners and hidden staircases, Ninja New York has ninjas for waiters and serves Japanese food tableside.

Two options are presented to get to your table: simple and direct or dark, dangerous and narrow. If you’re feeling limber and free-spirited, go for the latter. If you’re not, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

It’s about as ridiculous and tongue-in-cheek as you’d imagine, but all in good fun; watch out for throwing stars, and if your sauce catches on fire, don’t worry, it’s supposed to.

25 Hudson Street

Supperclub Restaurant

Kick off your shoes and eat dinner in bed at Supperclub Restaurant. But it isn’t just a five course menu for dinner; buy tickets to a night at Supperclub, and you get performance art, cabaret, and a DJ playing impossibly hip music. Get up and dance on the tables or on the bar, or just lounge and enjoy the view.

The drinks and the food are expensive, your tab could easily run over $100, but you’re buying an all night experience. Ideal for groups, not so much for a quiet, relaxing night out, even though you’re in bed.

Locations in Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Singapore and Los Angeles.

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