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7 Crazy Nights in Ibiza's Summer of Lust

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by BarryWhyte Jul 23, 2009
Want to lose a week of your life? Here’s a guide to seven days of debauchery that await you in Ibiza 2009, as reported by Addicted To Ibiza‘s Barry Whyte.

You could say that Ibiza has a bit of a reputation for partying. The long, balmy Spanish nights seem to last forever, making it the only summer destination from which it is socially acceptable to return home without a tan. But with so many parties to go to and so many places to dance, how do you cram it all into just one week?


When you get off the plane, jump straight into the deep end and head for the world’s biggest nightclub to see the world’s biggest Trance DJ. Privilege hosts Tiesto and up to 10,000 partygoers every Monday night.

You don’t even need to worry about checking in at your hotel first. As I discovered last year, the coat check at the gift shop will look after your suitcase. The icing on the cake? The DJ booth floats on top of a swimming pool.


Live rock music in Ibiza? Really? Isn’t this island supposed to be the spiritual home of dance music? Founded on the premise that dance kids like to rock and rock kids like to dance, Ibiza Rocks is the unexpected success story of the last few years.

Every Tuesday this year Ibiza Rocks plays host to the Ting Tings, the Klaxons and MGMT, just to name a few. Moreover, they now own their own hotel so you can host after parties worthy of rock stars.


You’ve been on the island for two days now, so it’s probably time for a bit of a rest. Ibiza is famous for its sunsets – the best place to watch is Café Mambo on the sunset strip in San Antonio.

Not only will you have the thrill of watching the crowd cheer as night begins and the sun goes down, but often you can catch big name DJs warming up for their sets later that night – for free.


Tonight, it’s time to check out the most famous club in the world: Pacha. The name is synonymous with celebrity, hedonism and glamour, and David Guetta’s Thursday night F*** me I’m Famous party is Pacha at its finest.

With the VIP, VVIP and VVVIP areas (yes, really) taking up well over two-thirds of dance floor, some question whether mere mortals are actually able to let their hair down and party. Even so, basking in Pacha’s unique vibe is a vital Ibiza experience and one you will come to love. The clincher? Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland is their resident PA this summer.


It’s Friday, you’ve now been in Ibiza for five days and you’ve still not found time to dance on the beach! Make amends and head down to Bora Bora Beach Bar in Playa d’en Bossa for some cheeky afternoon sangria.

Once you’re all danced out, it’s time to check out the more civilised side of Ibiza. Jump in a cab to KM5, one of Ibiza’s many laidback countryside restaurants. Loads of people say the best thing about Ibiza is the balance between crazy nights out and beautiful places to chill. KM5 and their outdoor cocktail lounge do that job nicely.


You know you’re in Ibiza when it’s four o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and you’re dancing in an abandoned zoo surrounded by people in fancy dress. The club on everyone’s lips this summer is The Zoo Project, taking over from the much missed DC-10.

Their Saturday daytime sessions are talk of the island and attract top underground DJ talent. You’ll definitely leave with stories to tell everyone back home.


And finally, clubbing in Ibiza is almost synonymous with Sundays at Space. Dancing on the terrace on a Sunday afternoon has become the ultimate Ibiza institution. The former 22 hour We Love Space marathon now restricts itself to a mere 14 hours due to changes in club licensing laws, but that’s not held back the stream of massive international DJs that make up the line up every week.

Truly, nothing compares to this. Just make sure your sunglasses are suitably oversized and overpriced.

That only leaves one more decision. Once the sun comes up and the music turns down at 6am, will you be running to catch your flight? Or will you be running to the nearest internet café to change your flight home?

(It’s just across the road, in case the latter takes your fancy.)

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