1. You would give anything for some salsa valentina.
2. Speaking of which, when you order a pizza, it’s always disappointing when the waiter doesn’t bring a selection of different salsas.
3. You miss the days when people said ‘provecho’.
4. You daydream about eating real tortillas.
5. You’ve stopped being shocked by how expensive everything is where you live now, and you no longer ask yourself ‘What would this cost in Mexico’?
6. You don’t find it weird anymore when bars serve Corona with a lime in the bottle.
7. Speaking of which, what you wouldn’t give for a clamato or michelada with your beer.
8. You wish you could get on and off the bus wherever you wanted instead of only being able to get on and off at designated stops.
9. You miss celebrating Day of the Dead; Halloween doesn’t even come close.
10. You’d love the convenience of being able to get something to eat 24/7.
11. When you’re hungover, what you want more than anything is a plate of spicy chilaquiles.
12. You can’t remember the last time you saw a comal on the street.
13. You never thought you’d miss the sounds of Mexico… and by sounds I mean ‘tamaleees’ and ‘el gaaaaas’.
14. You’re now used to getting bread with your lunch or dinner instead of tortillas.
15. You don’t find it rude anymore when someone enters the same room as you and doesn’t physically greet you.
16. You weren’t that fussed about cumbia and banda music back in Mexico, but now anytime you hear it it’s as if your national anthem is playing and you practically cry with happiness.
17. You’ve started calling salsa hot sauce, otherwise no one understands you.
18. If you live in a cold climate, you yearn for Mexican weather. The sun comes out now and then where you live now, but it doesn’t warm you up the way it did back in Mexico.
19. It’s become clear to you that you really took for granted the fact that practically everyone in Mexico has rhythm and loves to dance. Nowadays it’s hard to find anyone to dance with (and I mean real dancing, like salsa).
20. You’ve realized that the majority of the things you miss about Mexico involve food, and that’s because, let’s be honest, Mexico has the best food in the world!