1. How do you make fry sauce?
2. How do you pronounce Tooele?
3. Why might someone’s car be covered in Oreo cookies or silly string before prom?
4. What does the symbol of a beehive represent in Utah?
5. What does “Stockton to Malone” reference?
6. Why are there crowds of people in the Salt Lake Airport baggage claim holding “return with honor” signs?
7. What color of Jell-o is Utah best known for?
8. Who showed up in Utah and declared, “This is the place?”
9. How does a local say 9,000 South?
10. What do we celebrate on July 24th?
11. How does a local say the following words?: “for,” “deal,” “milk,” “mountain,” and “pillow.”
12. Where can you buy the world’s best pork barbacoa salad or burrito?
13. Who is “your friend in the diamond business?”
14. Where can you ride “the Colossus?”
15. Why would you be excited about “good powder?”
16. What is a “DTR?”
17. What is the story behind the seagull being Utah’s state bird?
18. What is the second line in the following song?: “Utah, people working together, Utah_______________.”
19. What’s the name of that red arch on the license plate?
20. What is a “Utah bump?”
21. Which is better, the U or BYU?