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37 of the Best Travel Pages on Facebook

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by Gaía Passarelli May 6, 2014

Group or solo, budget or luxury, adventure or leisure, to discover something new or to move on — there are innumerable reasons to travel. In case one needs inspiration, information, planning advice, or just plain escapism, odds are a travel page on Facebook will be there for you.

But searching “travel” on Facebook brings up 1000+ results, most related to already established magazines / websites / brands we all recognize — NatGeo, Travel+Leisure, Outside, Lonely Planet. In such a crowded environment, it’s difficult to go off the beaten track. Fear not, though; we’re here to help.

Did we miss a favorite of yours? Please, tell us in the comments below!

100 World Kisses

Ah, the romance! Ignacio is a photographer on a mission to photograph great kisses in 100 cities. He already has Hiroshima, London, Buenos Aires, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Lima, and Cartagena in his portfolio.


Only half a day in Copenhagen, Berlin, Portland, London, Antwerp — what to do and how? At last, a guide that answers in style.


A vivid and crazy surf/travel magazine based in Paris.

Another Scape

A creatively ambitious project disguised as a gorgeous print magazine.

Atlas Obscura

This always-unusual vault of hidden wonders has a solid Facebook presence.

Boat Magazine

A classy glossy that covers a different city in each issue. The current edition is dedicated to Peru and includes an interview with Peruvian-born superstar photographer Mario Testino.

Cereal Magazine

With a superb design and excellent taste in photography, Cereal is a UK-based travel and lifestyle magazine that runs every four months. Find their Facebook page 24/7.

Draw the World Again

Drawn the Road Again

Drawn the Road Again

By artist Chandler O’Leary, this travel blog conveys “the joy, wonder, and hilarity of the American road trip” through uncomplicated and charming illustrations — each one shared via Facebook, of course.

Earth Porn

Hey, 4 million+ people can’t be wrong, right? Amazing photography from all around the world, every day, several times a day. This is escapism at its best.

G Adventures

A travel company that runs socially minded trips in more than 100 nations, G Adventures publishes content about their clients’ ventures in places as eclectic as Jordan, Western Canada, and the Amalfi Coast. They’re also a frequent and valued partner of Matador.


A solid source for fun, interesting, and useful travel stuff.

Intrepid Travel

Another Matador partner, and a great example of what makes a good Facebook page: strong use of images, smart product searches, full customization, and constant interaction with fans. Actually, the folks at this Australian travel agency have managed to create what’s been considered “the best small business Facebook page in the world.”

Jungles in Paris

This is an online magazine that publishes one story per week. And what stories! Always forging an unbeaten track, they curate video and photo essays that deeply investigate the nature of place.




With print and online versions, Makeshift is not really a travel magazine but a publication about creativity. Their global team diligently hunts for stories of everyday inventiveness from around the world. The Facebook edition of their publication is called “From The Makery” and provides shorter stories from all around the interwebs.

Nowhere Magazine

Nowhere is a tablet-only magazine with a fresh approach to travel and art. They also post a lot of cool photos, videos, and links from colleague magazines.


A brand new British ‘alternative’ travel magazine, Renegade just published their first edition in January. Their purpose is to inspire people to travel (of course!) but also to learn about the world by experiencing it firsthand.

Roads and Kingdoms

This is a super-interesting online publication that blends travel, food, and journalism. Props for the clean Facebook layout and the use of large, always-remarkable photographs.

Sidetracked Online Magazine

An impressive, deeply inspiring magazine about exploration and expeditions.

Solo Travel Society

While the website is aimed at women, everyone embarking on solo adventures will relate to the insights Janice Waugh shares on her excellent blog.

Slow Travel Berlin

Besides posts from the main website, there are photos and fun / useful links to help you enjoy the ever-cool Berlin. STB is run by former Matador editor and MatadorU photo faculty Paul Sullivan.

Tasting Travels

Annika and Roberto maintain this exciting trilingual website dedicated to promoting bicycle travel around the world.

The American Guide

“Part travel. Part documentary. All American.” The Guide originally published using Tumblr but now has a strong Facebook presence.

The Man in Seat 61

For all of us train geeks around the world, “The Man in Seat 61” shares tips, advice, promotions, and general info. Valuable for anyone traveling around Europe.

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Really living the dream, Gael is a Filipino gal traveling the world on her own, writing for several outlets with a following of more than 33k fans on Facebook.

The Planet D

An adventurous couple, Dave and Deb have already traveled to 80 countries on seven continents and are ready for more.

The Ride Journal

The Ride Journal

The Ride Journal

For bikers, by bikers, on “whatever bikes they ride and wherever they choose to ride,” The Ride Journal has been around since 2008 and posts links and news related to the two-wheeled world.

The Travel Almanac

This is a sophisticated magazine with an active online presence. The current edition features an article by fashion designer Helmut Lang sharing his memories of traveling in Austria. Be sure to check out their website too.

Travel Dudes

For travelers, by travelers. The Travel Dudes website is a community of world wanderers sharing advice and inspiration.

Travel Mindset

For the fingertip voyager.


Thrillist is an online magazine and Matador syndication partner with more than 190k followers and posts about food, drink, and travel several times a day.

World Hum

This page posts mostly images and links from World Hum — good thing the website never lacks interesting articles.

Wandering Earl

Earl has been traveling the world nonstop since 1999 and is currently in Kyrgyzstan. He answers all kinds of questions. This Facebook account serves as a window into his surprisingly laid-back lifestyle.

We Are Here

We Are Here

We Are Here

Each issue of this so-called lo-fi quarterly travel magazine shines a light on a different city or district.

We Love To Travel

The tagline says it all: “For those who love travel and those who would love to come along for the ride.”


Dedicated to women who wander the world on their own, this is a website that facilitates weekly Twitter chat sessions.

Road Trips

From our syndication partners at, here’s a reliable source for that daily inspiration fix. And while we’re on the subject of road trips, have you seen this?

World Nomads

This travel insurance company runs a busy page that deserves the popularity it gets. Check for links, videos, images, and simple-questions-turned-lengthy-comment-threads.

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