60 Second Storytelling Tip: The Power of Audio

by David Miller Dec 28, 2015

One of the defining elements of Scott Sporleder’s filmmaking is his use of audio. In addition to whatever cameras he has on a shoot, Spo also carries a pro level Zoom audio recorder, which allows him to capture sounds in the field and then layer these on top of whatever other audio is desired–music, etc.

Notice how much the mood and atmosphere of his video Sitting and Listening to the Outback is created by the first 15 seconds of audio.

If you don’t have a field recorder available, consider cquiring them through the many resources of creative commons license-able audio available such as Freesound.

Finally, an important parallel to be drawn for non-visual storytelling: how does “sound” factor into your writing, your descriptions of travel, place, and culture? How do get the real “voices” of local people into your work?

Stay tuned next week for the a follow up video, where Scott breaks down the different types of drone shots, and the power of juxtaposing them together. For more resources and guidance on the craft of travel media, also consider our educational community, MatadorU.

In the meantime, stay productive, and get those sounds!

Series produced and directed by David Miller
Editing by Jessic McPhatter
Drone footage by Scott Sporleder

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