Why California Is the Most Instagrammable Place on the Planet

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Katie Scott Aiton
Apr 23, 2015

CALIFORNIA is the most populous state in the US, and for good reason. Its diverse topography ranges from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Mojave Desert, outstanding national parks to acres of Redwood-Douglas fir forests and the third longest coastline in the US — famous for the scenic drive along the 101. And then there’s its world-class cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco — home to many of the artistic greats.

Here’s 17 reasons why California might just be the best state to get your Instagram on.

1. Aliso Creek Beach — Laguna Beach

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2. Golden Gate Bridge — San Francisco

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3. South Lake Tahoe

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4. Glacier Point

5. Mavericks Point Break

6. Hollywood

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7. Mariposa Grove

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8. Glacier Point — Yosemite

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9. Racetrack Playa — Death Valley National Park

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10. Yosemite Valley

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11. Los Angeles

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12. Lake Tahoe

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13. Eaton Canyon Park

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14. Lost Coast

15. Yosemite National Park

16. Mount Shasta

17. Laguna Beach

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