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How To Move To Canada if McCain Wins the Election

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Photo: EB Adventure Photography/Shutterstock
Robyn Johnson
Oct 31, 2008
A quick guide for those thinking of emigrating to Canada if McCain wins the election.

Enter the four horsemen, one of whom bears a striking resemblance to Karl Rove, and Obama doesn’t win the election. Now what? No matter how conservative the newly-elected Canadian government might be, it pales in comparison to a McPalin free-for-all market, war-mongering theocracy. Time to high-tail it up north.

First Step: Pick a Program

The Canadian government offers six immigration programs for permanent residency:

Skills workers and professionals

Canadian Experience Class

Investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons

Sponsoring your family

Provincial nominees

Quebec-selected skilled workers

Second Step: Apply for a Visa

After determining which requirements you meet, you’ll have to fill out an application and send it along with documents (such as language tests results, sponsor letters, proof of educational degrees, and so forth) specific to that program to the visa office in Buffalo.

At the very least, however, every applicant must provide a medical certificate and criminal record check, pay the application fees (here’s a rough estimate of what you might have to pay), and, later, interview with immigration representatives.

Third Step: Wait

Paying the fees doesn’t guarantee your residency and there’s quite a long line ahead of you to get into the country (Canada is one of the two top countries for immigration—second is Australia for those looking for a Plan B). The application finalization process takes anywhere from 7 to 21 months.

Editor’s Note: Please stay tuned for a companion guide we’ll be publishing tomorrow, “How to Move to the US if Obama Wins.”

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