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14 Bars and Restaurants That Kansas City Locals Swear By

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by Lindsay Wang Jun 13, 2015

1. Town-Topic Hamburgers

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Devouring a plate of their perfectly browned tots at 4 a.m. is akin to a religious experience. If the words “Drive Thru Open 24/7” don’t already mean magical things to you, then the kind patrons of Town-Topic are here to set you straight.

2. Beer Kitchen

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It’s hard to stare at anything else besides the multitude of decorative taps hanging from the ceiling in this cozy, yet modern restaurant. Scents of burgers and cheese fries waft through the air, along with the greatest scent of all — a combination of bacon and something fried, topped with the sweet notes of maple syrup. For instance, there’s a cornflake-crusted chicken breast that sits atop a beautiful cheddar-bacon waffle. And, there’s gravy. And, there’s syrup.

3. Fervere

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If the words “cheese slipper” sound strange to you, then you haven’t waited in line on a Saturday night for Fervere’s. Maybe you haven’t even stood outside on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday morning waiting expectantly for this little shop to open its doors, which would mean you’ve never actually TASTED their breads. On the bright side, this likely also means you can continue to buy bread in the grocery store and that’s a luxury that those of us who have bitten into a loaf of Orchard Bread (the light crunch of the crust, the soft moist crumb) can never go back to again.

4. Taco Republic

Dinner in KC with my favorite familia.

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Born as a food truck, these “street-style” tacos dominated popular demand so much that a restaurant location soon followed. Wood-fired chicken. I repeat: wood-fired chicken. It may not sound extraordinary, but it does not disappoint. Neither do their $2 Tuesdays where on the second day of the week, you can enjoy chicken or beef tacos, as well as select beers for two bucks each.

5. Glace Artisan Ice Cream

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