20 Instagrams That Prove Mexico Is the Most Colorful Place on Earth

Mexico Galleries
by Kate Siobhan Mulligan May 5, 2015


1. Yucatán yellow


A photo posted by @RF3punto0 (@rf3punto0) on

2. Oaxaca pink


3. Quintana Roo blue

4. Puebla orange

Casona #Puebla

A photo posted by Richard Ángeles (@richiie_0) on

5. Pomegranite pink


6. Nuevo Leon blue

El silencio es la música de la paz. Nuevo León, México

A photo posted by Memo Vasquez (@el_memov) on

7. Holbox Island orange

8. Atlixco red


9. Surfing azure

Si puedes soñarlo, puedes hacerlo #MexicoSurf #Surf

A photo posted by Mexico Surf (@mexicosurf) on

10. Sonora fire

Atardecer en Bahia Kino. Sonora, Mexico

A photo posted by Memo Vasquez (@el_memov) on

11. Ocotlán pink


12. Cozumel orange and blue

13. Puebla yellow


14. Cascada de Tamul green

15. Popocatepetl orange

16. Street food red

17. Yucatán turquoise

#puertasmex #doorsondoors #vsco #vscomex #puertasmx

A photo posted by Ana Gaby (@ana.gbi) on

18. Aguascalientes rainbow

19. Baja beach food rainbow

Colors of #Mexico. #Rosarito

A photo posted by LeCachacs (@lecachacs) on

20. Cholula taco rainbow

Finished. #originalrecipe #hungry #cholula #tacos

A photo posted by Brandon Basse (@brandonbasse) on

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