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21 Instagrams That Will Inspire You to Visit Los Angeles

Los Angeles Photo + Video + Film Food + Drink Art + Architecture
by Matador Creators Oct 21, 2015

Repost @enri007: To Infinity and Beyond 🚀 The Infinity Mirrored Room @thebroadmuseum

A photo posted by DTLA Arts District (@dtlaartsdistrict) on

1. @lifeserial

Picked up a new cap at the surf shop today.

A photo posted by Matt Allard (@lifeserial) on

On display are a writer’s snapshots and urban portraits with the spirit of the City of Angels.

2. @dtlaartsdistrict

Repost @karlita323: ・ The idea is | N O T | to live forever, it is to | C R E A T E | something that will

A photo posted by DTLA Arts District (@dtlaartsdistrict) on

Showcases the fiery, inspired, vibrant art on the walls and alleys of Downtown LA’s Arts District.

3. @bonnietsang

Interior design meets food meets killer photography skills. Think funky wall art inside trendy dream office.

4. @jonathan360

Finally upgraded to an iPhone 6! My last camera phone was broken for a quick minute…

A photo posted by @jonathan360 on

Soaking in life on LA beaches never felt so pure.

5. @alimentola

Tortellini in Brodo. Always eat with a spoon! #🍝 📷: @ptspod #alimentola #silverlake

A photo posted by Alimento (@alimentola) on

Not only are they praised for being one of the best new restaurants in America, but they always get the nod for food design too.

6. @thebroadmuseum

The newest (and greatest) museum in LA has serious style. The Infinity Mirrored Room — gold!

7. @hammockliving

Annual pilgrimage to the glorious #Havasupai 🙌🏼 #DoGoChasingWaterfalls

A photo posted by HammockLiving (@hammockliving) on

Home is where the hammock is.

8. @goeastlos

"There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors." #instaaltar #ripjimmorrison 💀

A photo posted by East Los Angeles (@goeastlos) on

The original neighborhoods of East LA have serious swag.

9. @edvko

People may hear your words, but they also feel your energy; & if they don't match don't expect 'em to stick around

A photo posted by ℑUΠΙOΓ 悟り (@edvko) on

A dose of LA’s funky side

10. @almondsurfboards

Old-school longboards are everywhere in LA, but only here are they styled with inspired design.

11. @grandcentralmarketla

GAME NIGHT GOALS!! We'll be here until 9 pm with all your gaming needs! @horsethiefbbq + @bombofoods ❤️ (📷:@tarafayd)

A photo posted by Grand Central Market (@grandcentralmarketla) on

Grand Central Market LA is always adding new vendors and their feed is full of the classics and the new entrants from oysters to pizzas to egg sluts to ice cream to the classic street taco.

12. @Kimgenevieve

🙌🏻 what a crazy day 🙌🏻

A photo posted by Kimberly Genevieve (@kimgenevieve) on

As seen on the Apple billboards, ‘Taken on an iPhone6’. Yep, this is her.

13. @copterpilot

From the chopper always buzzing above the city, this is their story.

14. @laurejoliet

Temp workspace ✨

A photo posted by Laure Joliet (@laurejoliet) on

The interiors and waterfronts we swoon over are all here.

15. @studiodiy

BOW DOWN WITCHES! DIY punkins, on the blog. 🎃💁🏼 (📷 by @jeffmindell)

A photo posted by Kelly Mindell (@studiodiy) on

Kelly brings the brightest colors and DIY crafts with perky flare.

16. @rachelroams

A TV Host with wanderlust slays shots of LA — when she’s not off exploring far-off beaches and deserts.

17. @nicoleelise03

We found fall. 🍂

A photo posted by Nicole Griffin (@nicoleelise03) on

Minimalist portraits and vistas

18. @jonpauldouglass


A photo posted by Jonpaul Douglass (@jonpauldouglass) on

Pizza makes some interesting appearances around LA — as do cats on leashes and dogs.

19. @letmeeatcake

The treats in LA are the sweetest because we get to savor them cold or hot year around.

20. @ericgarcetti

View from the stage at #TasteofSoul 10 yrs strong! I even got to play a set on the Stocker Stage.

A photo posted by Eric Garcetti (@ericgarcetti) on

Because the mayor posts sick photos of everything new in LA, as it’s happening.

21. @julieskitchen

Julie’s kitchen is where I want to live, forever.

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