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31 Things You’ll Never Hear Someone From Mexico Say

by Rulo Luna Ramos Aug 7, 2015

1. Flour or corn tortillas? Doesn’t matter, tortillas are tortillas.

2. I don’t give a damn about what my mother thinks!

3. Donald Trump’s chido.

4. I love when people write Mexico with a j instead of an x, it looks so chic and classy.

5. I can’t believe how great the public transportation is in my city!

7. What’s the name of the song again? Cielito what?

8. No, my friends and I have never been into parties that much.

9. Everyone ready? Let’s start singing Happy Birthday!

10. What the hell! My taco has two tortillas!

11. Let’s organize a Mexican Night, I’m seriously craving some good margaritas!

12. Where can I get some tamales oaxaqueños?

13. Mexican music is so boring… those mariachis always sound the same.

14. I have never really liked our national emblem… It’s just too much!

15. Gasoline is so cheap these days! I’m gonna fill the tank to celebrate.

16. I love what tex-mex cuisine has done with our traditional dishes. They added so much flavour to Mexico!

17. Remind me when the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is…

18. Oh my! What amazing weather we’ve had this year!

19. I’m so proud I voted for “insert the current president’s name here.”

20. Who’s that Luis Miguel everyone talks about?

21. Have you noticed how charming and considerate the nurses from Social Security are?

22. If Mexican broadcast television continues on its current path, it’ll exceed the BBC in terms of quality anytime now!

23. Why are you putting chili on that mango?

24. Wait! That guy behind you looks suspicious and he might push your face into the cake!

25. Chido or chilo? It’s just the same to me.

27. I’ll always favour Taco Bell over every other taquería, too bad they didn’t open more restaurants in Mexico.

28. Does anyone know if these tortillas are gluten free?

31. To be honest, it was really a penalty…

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