Join #MatUTalks for a Twitter Chat on How to Transform Your Travel Writing

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by David Miller Mar 20, 2014

ON APRIL 3, 2014 at 2:30 EST, I’ll be hosting a Twitter chat along with MatadorU faculty, students, Matador editors, and an extended community of writers and journalists around the topic of how to transform your travel writing. Please join us by following the hashtag #MatUTalks.

Leading up to the chat, we’ve published a new series on travel writing. Here’s a quick outline:

We’ll be tweeting several questions and then discussing / RT’ing different answers during the Twitter chat around these concepts, as well as others. This is your opportunity to pose questions for MatadorU faculty. Questions on how to pitch stories? What we (and other editors) are looking for? Questions on characters, narrative elements, dialogue, etc.?

Join us by using the hashtag #MatUTalks. Eager to get a question to us now, and have us discuss it during the chat? Leave it for us in the comments below! We look forward to chatting with you.

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