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You Know You’re a Local in Austin, Texas When…

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by Alisha McDarris Jul 1, 2015

1. You get in passionate debates about weather Tito’s or Deep Eddy vodka reign supreme.

To everybody else they’re both just vodka, but to locals they’re legends and only one can be superior.

2. You religiously enter to win free tickets for everything you see on Do512.

It’s a local’s best friend when it comes to finding events in town. You know it and you work it.

3. The upper-lower split on I-35 doesn’t send you into a panic.

Those out-of-state license plates may zig and zag all over the highway as their inability to choose a deck proves they’re unfamiliar with the highway structure, but you know precisely whether to go left or right for the 15th Street exit.

4. You refuse to go downtown for the entire month of March.

Oh, South by Southwest. Great for business, lots to do, but oh, the traffic. You know you’re a local when you refuse to navigate the city streets during the three weeks those extra few million are in town.

5. You’d rather get a traffic ticket than spend an evening on 6th Street.

Renowned far and wide for its bars, tattoo parlors and tacky gift shops, 6th Street is quite the destination for out-of-towners. But you know better and avoid the neon lights and stupidly drunk college students at all costs.

6. Whole Foods is a valid grocery option no matter where in the city you live.

The health food store was born and raised in Austin and you know it’s not just a good place for fresh vegetables, but to grab a beer and enjoy some conversation around those outdoor fire pits, too.

7. You know the best swimming holes include Lake Travis, Barton Springs Pool, Hippy Hollow, and McKinney Falls. </h2

You know all the hottest (and coldest) spots to take a dip during the long, hot summer months. And if one is too crowded for your taste, you can just hop in the car and pick another.

8. You don’t own a winter coat.

It might get cold enough to really bundle up during a couple weeks in January or February, but not nearly long enough to warrant spending $175 on insulated winter wear. You just do without and pile on the layers instead.

9. You’re not sure how movie theatres other than The Alamo Drafthouse stay in business.

It’s a movie theatre, it’s a bar, it’s a restaurant, it’s an experience, and you only resort to visiting other theatres when unenlightened family and friends from out of town buy you gift cards.

10. You’ve waited in line for over four hours for Franklin’s Bar-B-Que.

You might not have been entirely sure that morning why you got up at 6am to claim a spot on the sidewalk out front before you finally got lunch at 12:30, but you sure knew why after!

11. You know the best place to watch the bats take off at dusk.

The view from the top of the Congress Avenue Bridge is your position of choice to see the bats swarm into the night.

12. You prefer your meals on wheels.

Brick and mortar restaurants? They’re not for you. You prefer to grab a pile of kimchi fries from the nearest Chi’lantro trailer or a sweet treat from one of the Hey Cupcake! Steamlines.

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