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10 Epic High-Alpine Hotels You Need to Stay in Before You Die

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by Tim Wenger Mar 13, 2018

The mountains are calling. When hotels this gorgeous await, it’s hard to say no. These high-alpine hotels have no need for glossy travel brochures. Matador Network takes you around the world to eleven of the highest and most picturesque hotels on the planet.

1. Lyngen North — a glass igloo in the Lyngen Alps, Norway

For the ultimate in trans-sensory experience, lie on the heated floor of your igloo and stare up at the Northern Lights. It’s a trip-worthy experience rivaling any you had in college.

2. Tiger’s Nest Resort in Bhutan

Tiger's Nest

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Inner peace is attainable merely by looking out the window of this resort in Bhutan, a Himalayan Buddhist kingdom known for its dramatic landscapes. Many of the rooms come with incredible views of the 8th-century Taktstang Monastery, which sits on a cliff 10,000 feet above the valley.

3. 3100 Kulmhotel in Zermatt, Switzerland

Dreamt of overlooking the Matterhorn from your hotel? This luxury hotel in Zermatt brings the legendary peak to life, but the views of the Swiss Alps from any room are worth writing home about.

4. Palace Hotel in Burgenstock, Switzerland

Palace Hotel

Photo: Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel

Photo: Palace Hotel

The views from each room offer striking mountain views on one side and stretch to what feels like half of Europe on others. Come hungry — the hotel offers a dining experience to match the epic location.

5. The Peaks Resort in Telluride, Colorado

At 9,500 feet, The Peaks Resort is situated well above Telluride itself — in fact, guests take a gondola to get there. Once there, they have the option to ski down into Telluride or hang in the higher Mountain Village. Many choose to take their time at the top, and with these views, we don’t blame them.

6. Hotel Everest View in Namche, Nepal

The name says it all here. Each room in the hotel, located within the Sagarmatha National Park, offers a view of Everest and easy access to hiking and exploring in the Himalaya. It’s also the highest hotel in the world — guests are situated at 13,000 ft.

7. Belmond Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge in Peru

The Sanctuary Lodge is about as close as one can get to sleeping amongst ruins. The hotel is right near the entrance, offering those not up for the 4-day trek their own way to stay away from the daily crowds and enjoy the site on their own.

8. Purcell Mountain Lodge in Canada

Have you ever taken a helicopter to a hotel? On Canada’s Bald Mountain, you can — and the experience is unforgettable. Purcell Mountain Lodge might be the world’s most honest representation of “ski in-ski out.”

9. Hotel Salto Chico in Patagonia, Chile

In the heart of the Torres del Paine, Hotel Salto Chico is nestled alongside the Salto Chico Waterfall. Peak views drop from the sky to the lake, with plenty of wildlife (including alpacas!) in between.

10. Wildflower Hall in Shimla, India

Wildflower Hotel

Photo: Oberoi Hotels and Resorts

Wildflower Hotel

Photo: Oberoi Hotels and Resorts

Insider’s tip: go in January, when snowfall covers the peaks and valleys. The mood is both serene and tranquil, as if stuck in a snowglobe.

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