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10+ Mind-Blowing Places to Teach English Overseas

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by Katie Scott Aiton Apr 13, 2017
Worldwide demand for English language instruction has created opportunities from Chile to China. So if you’re thinking about teaching English abroad, you might as well do it somewhere breathtaking.

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1. Tuscany, Italy

 MontepulcianoMontepulciano, Italyhome hunting in Tuscany

Tuscany has a laid-back rhythm of life. The rolling hills of the countryside will appeal to your artistic side and may motivate you to write your Toscana novel while teaching English on the side.

 TuscanyFirenze, Italythe colours of Italy

2. Antigua, Guatemala

 arco de santa catalinaAntigua Guatemala, GuatemalaTwo antigueñas in #ArcodeSantaCatalina #Antigua

Just 45 minutes from Guatemala City is the town of Antigua, Guatemala, with epic volcano views on the horizon.

 AntiguaAntigua Guatemala, GuatemalaStreet vendors on their way to set up at the Market

Enjoy classes outside, exploring the colorful 16th-century architecture. Donate your time to teach for two months through a local education program and experience a meaningful cultural and linguistic exchange.

 Volcán PacayaAntigua Guatemala, Guatemala#volcano #hiking #guatemala

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Dois IrmãosBelford Roxo, BrazilFantastic view from Dois Irmãos.

Rio is an international hub for teaching English with multiple opportunities in language schools, along with volunteer opportunities in the favelas. When you’re not in the classroom, paraglide from Sugarloaf, play capoeira, and fall in love with Rio’s riotous rhythms.

 Belmond Copacabana PalaceRio de Janeiro, BrazilCapoeira group entertains a crowd outside the legendary Copacabana Palace on #Copacabana #Beach in Rio.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Universidad de Buenos AiresBuenos Aires, ArgentinaGreat Gothic building – school of engineering

Work will always take a backseat to enjoyment in the modern city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take advantage of the theatre, enjoy superb wine and get caught up in the swirling nightlife of one of the most cosmopolitan city in South America.

 Perú BeachBuenos Aires, ArgentinaBuenos Aires isn’t known for its summertime beaches, but Rio de la Plata fills up with windsurfers and sunbathers at Perú Beach. #buenosaires #summer

5. Intag, Ecuador

 La Casa del ArbolCantón Baños, EcuadorMy favorite part of the “swing at the end of the world” was the walk to get there which provides great views of Banos and the surrounding area as well as a clear view of Volcan Tungurahua (which happened to be erupting in the days we were there!) The view from the swing is lovely and it really does make a great photo, but it is not nearly as scary as the photos would have you believe. If you go during the low season you will not have a wait for the swing (in the high season we were told the wait could be an hour…so not worth it!)

Escape to the cloud forests of Intag, Ecuador, where you can teach as a volunteer in one of the greenest corners of the Andes mountain range.

 CuringuePujilí, Ecuador#hiking #indigenouscommunities I had the opportunity to meet a community living in a remote location in Pujilí. Despite being 3 hours away from Quito, they lack water infrastructure and they need to walk 1.5 hours to get it. It was a humbling experience, and they were generous and welcoming, offering us visitors all their kindness.

6. Valparaiso, Chile

 The StreetsValparaíso, ChileValparaiso #unescoworldheritagesite

Teaching in the UNESCO World Heritage seaport city of Valparaiso, Chile is a dream job for many travelers. Find an apartment on the hillsides of Cerros Concepcion and Alegre, where you’ll have a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean.

7. Athens, Greece

Island hop on the weekends, eat roast chicken drenched in olive oil in the shadows of the Parthenon and develop a taste for ouzo while teaching in the frontisteria of Athens, Greece.

 Areopagus Hill (Mars Hill)Athina, GreeceA #free look at the acropolis – $20 to get in but the peepin is $0 at Mars Hill lookout

8. Prague, Czech Republic

 Malá StranaPrague, Czech RepublicBeautiful buildings around Malá Strana in Prague.

#Prague #BeautifulBuildings #buildings #colorful #Colourful #ColorfulBuildings #ColorfulBuildings

Walk thrtough historic architecture dating back to the Middles Ages in Prague, Czech Republic. Living in the centre of Old Town in Praha is a close commute to many TEFL vacancies.

 Swans near Charles BridgePrague, Czech RepublicGreat photo opportunity for swans and Charles Bridge. I have seen several newlyweds get their photo taken here.

#swans #CharlesBridge #PhotoOp #Prague

9. Majuro, Marshall Islands

Majuro, Marshall Islands is a Micronesian getaway five hours from Hawaii, with plenty of local teaching opportunities and world-class scuba diving.

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Volunteer with young students on Tanzania’s paradise island of Zanzibar and teach vocabulary in the first National Jozani Forest and Bay Conservation.

 SandbankZanzibar Town, Tanzania#stroll #ocean #history

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