TO HELP Canada celebrate its 150th anniversary on July 1st and to honor this great country, Fairmont interpreted 10 quirky facts about Canada, from the UFO landing pad in Alberta to the nation’s mammoth maple syrup industry.

1. Canada ships a LOT of maple syrup to the US.

2. Watch out for polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

3. Canadians go mad for mac and cheese.

4. The Yukon can be as cold as Mars!

5. Alberta is well prepared for the arrival of UFOs.

6. This might be the friendliest ‘war’ ever.

7. Some people are convinced there’s a monster living in a lake in British Columbia.

8. There’s a $1 million coin that’s the same size as a motorcycle tire.

9. Remember: politeness costs nothing in Canada.

10. Skiers and snowboarders should take note of this awesome run.