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10 Things the Rest of the US Can Learn From California

by Carrie Hoffman Nov 27, 2017

If you’ve ever met a Californian, chances are they’ve quickly told you they’re from the best state in the USA. Californians are quick to distinguish themselves from the rest of Americans because we know our state is top notch.

Here are a few things the rest of the USA could stand to learn from us:

1. Stop and enjoy a sunset.

The California coast has the best sunset views in the entire USA and even the locals can’t get enough of them. In places like Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, or the Santa Monica Pier amusement park, you’ll see crowds of Californians and tourists alike gathered each evening trying to catch a glimpse of the green flash over the Pacific.

2. Eat local and support your local farmers.

California grows more fruits and veggies than any other state, so eating locally-grown produce is super easy! Most neighborhoods have their own weekly farmer’s markets and many restaurants change their menus seasonally to feature whatever’s most ripe and sustainable!

3. Bike rights.

California’s big cities are becoming increasingly bike-friendly as more drivers take to two wheels for their daily commutes. Davis, California was the first city in the USA to implement bike lanes and has more bikes than people in its city limits. California bikers are fitter and happier than car commuters.

4. Craft is key.

San Diego County has over 100 craft breweries while Napa and Sonoma counties produce world-class craft wines. Craft coffee roasting is also blowing up all over the state. Californians appreciate things that are handmade with love.

5. Hiking cures what ails you.

With 9 ultra-scenic National Parks, a majority of the Pacific Crest Trail, and countless state parks and urban trails, California understands the importance of preserving wild lands. With so many trails within reach, there’s no excuse not to get an endorphin rush on a nature hike at least once a week.

6. But the ocean is a great way to unwind as well.

840 miles of coastline allow Californians plenty of opportunities to jump in! You can’t grow up in California without at least taking a couple surf lessons. There’s also snorkeling, paddleboarding, scuba diving, kayaking, and kite surfing. Or go whale watching to really appreciate the mysteries of the ocean.

7. “Work-life balance” is not just a saying.

Sure, Silicon Valley startups of the 90s made it big by grinding 24/7 in a garage, but nowadays Californians want to have free time to enjoy their beautiful state. The minimum wage is the fourth highest in the country, and some of the biggest tech employers like Google and Facebook are providing employees with perks like unending free food, free gym and spa access, and the ability to take naps during the workday.

8. We speak Spanish.

California is the #1 state in the USA for multilingualism, with 45% of residents speaking a language besides English, compared to only 26% of the USA as a whole. Because so many Californians come from Latinx heritage, Spanish has become part of our state’s lingua franca, and many students are now enrolled in bilingual schools. We will be ahead of the game as the USA becomes more and more bilingual.

9. We take wellness seriously.

Look at all the health and wellness crazes sweeping the country — yoga, juicing, acai bowls, cryotherapy — chances are they hit California first. California has so many yoga studios, spas, juice bars, vegan restaurants that living a healthy lifestyle is both convenient and delicious.

10. Diversity is our strength.

In California, we welcome immigrants with open arms, admitting the most refugees of any state. In addition to immigrants from Mexico, California has resettled large populations of people fleeing persecution in Iraq, Vietnam, Syria, and Somalia. We want to share our abundant resources with new Americans and help them succeed. We welcome cultural diversity as we know it brings us new ideas and makes our state better than the rest.

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