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10 Things Wisconsinites Don't Blink an Eye At

Wisconsin Humor
by Katie Hinkfuss Feb 8, 2018

1. Head-to-toe camouflage get-ups

While this fashion statement may attract a second look in many places, in Wisconsin this fresh-from-hunting look is a completely normal sight, even when the wearer was previously nowhere near a deer. In fact, they say the Green Bay Packers’ unofficial third color besides green and gold is camouflage.

2. Thick Canadian accents

Although a completely different country, and separated by Lake Superior and a chunk of Minnesota at that, the Canadian accent shares many similarities with the cheeseheads’. A friendly Canadian would surely fit right in here.

3. Driving in the snow and ice

We are pros at dealing with all the ups and downs of the season. That includes being able to get your car ready for the road in the dark with only an ice scraper for self-defense and avoiding spinning out on black ice in the worst of conditions. What paralyzes many drivers in other parts of the country is just another day for us.

4. Wearing Packer gear to church

No one should be surprised if a few extra prayers go up about the game that day either.

5. A somewhat impressive 4th of July firework display

A decent fireworks display that might make most people go “oohhh” and “awwww” in wonder will most likely only attract slightly bored looks from a Wisconsinite. We are spoiled when it comes to pyrotechnic displays of American patriotism. Milwaukee’s 3rd of July firework extravaganza is just so impressive that it has set the bar quite high.

6. Goats on a roof

A sod roof with real, live goats prancing around on it is just a normal day in Door County.

7. Running into a Packer in Green Bay

Running into one of the local gods at Culver’s does not cause much of a stir. There is a mutual understanding in Green Bay that keeps the universe in balance. The players put up with the nasty weather and the poor entertainment scene, and the people of Green Bay respectfully give them their space. And everyone goes about eating cheese curds and shoveling their driveways in peace.

8. Smuggling special goods across state (and international) borders

We’ve all packed the car with Spotted Cow and cheese curds to bring to those in need.

9. A sky full of planes

O’Hare has got nothing on Oshkosh’s Wittman Field when the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual convention and fly-in is in town.

10. Polka music

The lovely accordion and pulsing tuba beat of polka means one thing and one thing only: let’s dance with all the rhythm and beer-inspired courage we can possibly muster!

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