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You Know You Are in Wisconsin When…

Wisconsin Culture
by Laura Tritt Sep 26, 2017

1. A road trip stop-and-snack leads you to the refrigerated section in any gas stations to look for plastic baggies filled with local, fresh cheese curds, ranging from plain cheddar to the more exciting jalapeno dill.

2. It is a Friday night and you are celebrating the start of the weekend with everyone else at a fish fry with beer-battered cod, coleslaw, potato pancakes, and ‘Scansin-style brandy Old-Fashioned.

3. You find yourself being pulled onto a dance floor to the sound of a polka. Whether woman or man, odds are you’ll find a seasoned lead who will help you feel like a pro as you get your “oompah” on!

4. You spend all your weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day at the lake to pontoon, water ski, jet ski, fish, grill out, and set off your own fireworks.

5. You are drowning in green and gold from September to January.

6. September is synonymous with deer carcasses in truck beds at every gas station and diner parking lot.

7. You hear an awful lot about the legendary “Turdy Point” Buck.

8. You find yourself careening down America’s first near-vertical, looping water slide at Noah’s Ark.

9. Summerfest puts the pep in your step and pride in your heart.

10. You are in the middle of a jumping frenzy at a Wisconsin Badger football game.

11. You wake up and realize you need to snow-blow two feet of the white stuff out of your driveway and create a path for your kiddos to the bus stop. Lord knows school and work aren’t cancelled for a measly two feet of snow.

12. You can’t drive for five minutes without spotting a lake. Minnesota might have 10,000, but Wisconsin has 15,074. And we know how to use ‘em!

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