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10 Things You'll Miss About the North Pole When You Leave

by Cassandra Toth Dec 7, 2017

1. That small town feel

You miss the “everybody knows your name” feeling and pride in your community that everyone from the North Pole seems to have. Shopping local and supporting locally made/grown products was just part of living in the North Pole.

2. PFD

The PFD aka Permanent Fund Dividend, I mean money you just get for living in the state: yes, please! You planned on what you were going to do with the money all year long and looked forward to those PDF specials.

3. The drive up coffee huts

Ah… those drive up coffee huts brewed with North Pole coffee are just so good you still have cravings. I will have a Frosty Moose White Chocolate Mocha, please!

4. Outdoors and fresh air

Trees and trees and more trees all around the North Pole, you don’t see many tall buildings or much concrete hence the air smells just a little wilder and ready for anything. In the summer you enjoyed camping, hiking, fishing, and ATVing. When the first snow fell you looked forward to snowmachining, snowboarding/skiing, and sledding. Bring on the snow!

5. Salaries

When you go to the “States” the starting salary is much lower than you are used to it’s quite the shock! Back home the starting salary is ranked second highest in the country so taking $10k less per year may be a little difficult to swallow.

6. Northern Lights

Looking at the sky in the winter and seeing the dancing lights in green, blue, and sometimes red and purple is amazing and something you may take for granted until you move away and can’t see it.

7. Traffic

You miss no traffic. Taking extra time to get somewhere during rush hour makes you reminisce for the days of very few cars on the road.

8. Christmas year round

You miss leaving your Christmas lights on all year and driving down streets lined with candy cane lights. Not to mention Santa Claus living just down the road on St. Nicholas Drive; you couldn’t help but feel a little jolly.

9. No tick or flea prevention for pets

Oh, the days of no prevention medication, sprays, and special collars for Fido. Just how much money did you save not having to worry about ticks and fleas?

10. No poisonous spiders and snakes

You miss not having to look out for snakes and spiders. Even though it was cold it kept the poisonous critters at bay.

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